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June 2013

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Herbek Humanitarian Award Winner Grows Visibility of the Pathologist’s Role

Armed with what he dubs his “Herbek Award microscope, digital hi-def camera and monitor,” Bradley M. Linzie, MD, FCAP, is taking patient education and community health in Minneapolis where no pathologist has gone before—to a fashion show, for example.

In his initial six months as winner of the CAP Foundation’s first Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award, Dr. Linzie:


  • Hosted Pap slide viewings, via his microscope, monitor, and camera, at a cancer survivor fashion show
  • Spearheaded his seventh consecutive See, Test & Treat free cervical and breast cancer screening for underserved women in Minneapolis
  • Gave health screening participants at two National Kidney Foundation events a look at how a pathologist reviews biopsies to identify the cause of kidney disease
  • Spoke on cancer research as a featured guest of the Twin Cities’ NBC-TV morning news
  • Was featured in the Physician Medfax, a news round-up reaching Minnesota’s clinical community
  • Joined a local physician commission to improve the primary care patient experience. For his part, Dr. Linzie will explore ways pathologists can complement the commission’s initiative.

"My ability to become more directly involved with patients and demonstrate the pathologist's role in preventing and treating cervical cancer and other diseases has been greatly enhanced by the notoriety and equipment the Herbek Humanitarian Award provided," Dr. Linzie explained.

Launched in 2011, the Herbek Humanitarian Award provides up to $25,000 to a CAP Fellow who demonstrates leadership in a See, Test & Treat program and aims to build the program’s impact beyond its core service.

The Herbek Humanitarian Award was inspired by CAP President-elect Gene N. Herbek, MD, FCAP, who brought the first See, Test & Treat program to Native American women in South Dakota, and by his wife Jean, who shares his commitment.

The CAP Foundation Turns 50!

Join Us in Tribute to Pathologists Who Have Made a Difference

In celebration of the CAP Foundation’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to salute dedicated pathologists—humanitarians, leaders, and mentors, all. 

Since our start in 1963, the Foundation has bestowed more than $10 million in pathology-patient related grants.

From $600 study grants in 1967, to a grant portfolio today that funds the See, Test & Treat program and myriad training and leadership awards, our achievements are possible only through the commitment of our supporters.

Join us as we celebrate our collective success.

We will have digital, print, email, and other Foundation communications to notify members of upcoming events and information as we benchmark 50 years of funding humanitarian roles for pathologists and advancing the specialty’s future.

Email us if you have a special Foundation story to share. 

Salute leaders and humanitarians in pathology by making a tribute donation today. Honor a leader, mentor, or humanitarian who has made a difference in your life. Consider a salutary donation to honor CAP President-elect and See, Test & Treat program founder Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP.

On the online form, after entering an amount and designation, scroll down to tribute your gift to the leader or mentor you wish to honor.

Fifty Years of Foundation Grant Making

Does your support make a difference? A CAP Foundation survey provided the answer: Yes.

Among CAP Foundation grant and award recipients responding to a recent survey:

  • 95% said they would recommend the program to colleagues
  • 94% rated the overall value of the experience as Good or Excellent.
  • 84% made at least one change to their pathology practice because of the Foundation grant or award
  • 75% said the grant or award had an Extremely Significant or Significant impact on their career—most often in terms of providing specialty research that helped determine career interest and direction.

Keep up our good work. Support the CAP Foundation with your donation today.



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