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  Chemistry Resources Committee

    Reports to: Council on Scientific Affairs

Chemistry Resoures Committee Chemistry Resoures Committee

To improve patient care by promoting the accuracy, precision, and overall quality of laboratory results in clinical chemistry; by evaluating emerging trends in clinical chemistry, incorporating improvements into proficiency testing and education; by overseeing the development, maintenance, operation, and cost-effectiveness of CAP clinical chemistry proficiency testing programs; by advising the Laboratory Accreditation Program on issues related to clinical chemistry; by providing expertise and education to other programs of the CAP and to CAP members; by maintaining liaisons with other relevant organizations.

Requirements and Benefits

Why should I Join?
Opportunity to play a significant role in the shaping...

  • Opportunity to play a significant role in the shaping the practice of clinical chemistry nationally and contributing to patient care
  • The opportunity to meet and work with recognized experts in the field
Representation on committee beyond the CAP
  • Three consultants and one liaison from AACC

Who is eligible?
A broad knowledge of Clinical Chemistry or expertise....

  • A broad knowledge of Clinical Chemistry or expertise in one or more areas of interest to the committee
  • The Chair should have a broad understanding of Clinical Pathology and the functioning of the College

What are my activities and commitment?
Monitor new and emerging issues/practices/technologies....

Activities of Committee

  • Monitor new and emerging issues/practices/technologies in clinical chemistry that may affect patient safety
  • Provide expertise for potential proficiency testing products. Actively encourage CAP to develop new products to meet needs of field
  • Contribute to the advancement of Clinical Chemistry by continually providing information for publication in CAP Today, specifically the Q&A section
  • Professional and statistical oversight of the Chemistry Surveys Program
  • Contribute to the continuing education of members through Survey discussions, educational activities, papers, and other various publications
  • Provide support to the CAP and other CAP committees and programs

Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 3
Length of each meeting: 2 days each
Typical meeting days of the week: Saturday and Sunday

Location of meetings: One meeting is held in Chicago (typically October) and the others are held anywhere is the continental United States and some parts of Canada. One offshore meeting can be scheduled every other year.

Number of conference calls: Approximately 50 per year (1 hour duration) per year for regular committee business (Primarily the Chair and Vice-chair with Member involvement when needed) and up to 6 for discussion with vendors and other issues requiring non-committee involvement.

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings:
Member: 30+ hours
Vice Chair: 45+ hours
Chair: 75+ hours

Additional travel or time commitments

The committee chair is required to attend the CSA Leadership meetings, which take place two times a year. Committee member attendance at the CAP annual meeting is strongly encouraged. Attendance at AACC meetings.

Chemistry Resources Committee
Attention: Nataliya Polyakov, MT (ASCP)
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, IL 60093-2750
Phone: 847-832-7746
Fax: 847-832-8746