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In Vivo Microscopy Committee


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Reports to: Personalized Health Care Committee in CSA

Charge: The In Vivo Microscopy (IVM) Committee serves as a focal point for IVM initiatives for the CAP and our members. IVM is a key technology within the broader scope of Advanced Imaging in Pathology which presents new roles and opportunities for pathologists

Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 2 per year
Length of each meeting: 1-2 days
Typical meeting days of the week: Saturday, sometimes Friday

Location of meetings: Rotates throughout continental US

Number of conference calls: 10 calls per year plus regular calls for specific IVM projects—usually one call per month per project

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings:
Member: 3 to 5 hours per month, depending upon assignments
Vice Chair: 8+ hours per month
Chair: 12+ hours per month

Additional travel or time commitments:
The IVM Chair to attend two CSA Leadership meetings per year. IVM Members are strongly encouraged to attend the CAP annual meeting.

Activities of Committee Activities of Committee

  • Annual update of the CAP Pathology Resource Guide: In Vivo Microscopy.
  • Facilitate pathologists’ understanding of the potential role and opportunities for pathologists in IVM and ex vivo applications of IVM via the development of informational items and resources.
  • Develop initial education on IVM, e.g. CAP IVM webinars, provide input to development of IVM courses, and encourage pathologists to speak on IVM at conferences.
  • Provide input on IVM, upon request, to CAP Advocacy and CGPA.
  • Act as advisor to the CAP Board of Governors and other CAP Councils and Committees on issues related to in vivo microscopy.

Expertise or Experience Required Expertise or Experience Required

  • Expertise in IVM or ex vivo applications of IVM is preferred.
  • Interest in promoting IVM as a new opportunity for pathologists.
  • Ability to communicate IVMs’ value in clinical practice to both pathologists and non-pathologist stakeholders.

Benefits to membership on this committee Benefits to membership on this committee

  • IVM and ex vivo applications of IVM will be incorporated into the practice of pathology. IVM presents a new role and opportunity for pathologists, which provides pathologists the opportunity to highlight their unique contribution to clinical decision-making and patient care. As IVM becomes integrated into mainstream clinical practice, pathologists will become key collaborators with other physicians. Members of this committee can help guide the profession’s evolution to a leadership position in IVM.
  • Participation in CAP projects and pilots enabling pathologist role in IVM.
  • Opportunities to publish, author educational materials, and speak at meetings on IVM.

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