College of American Pathologists

Committee on Professional and Community Engagement


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Reports to: Council on Membership and Professional Development

Charge: To deliver programs, services and tools to support pathologists’ in demonstrating value through self advocacy within their

To advance effective knowledge exchange among pathologists and with their patients, professional colleagues and others to secure the future for pathologists and their specialty.

Time Commitment Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 2
Length of each meeting: 1.5 days
Typical meeting days of the week: Saturday and Sunday

Location of meetings: Various locations throughout the country, usually within 30 miles of the airport.

Number of conference calls: 1 conference call in-between the two face-to-face meetings.

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings:
Member: 24-40 hours per year
Chair: 60-80 hours per year

Additional travel or time commitments:

  • Three council meetings for chair

Activities of Committee Activities of Committee

  • CAP Engaged Leaders Academy Event
  • Internet, Web collaboration issues
  • Patient and Public section on
  • NewsPath®
  • Social media activities
  • Collaborate with the CAP Foundation on the See, Test & Treat® program

Expertise or Experience Required Expertise or Experience Required

  • Willingness to speak in public would be useful
  • Desire to enhance the public image of pathologists and the profession
  • Interest in public perception of health care issues and in communicating to public and other audiences regarding pathologists vital role in quality patient care
  • Interest in public service projects

bullet Benefits to Membership on this Committee

Members of this Committee have the opportunity to:

  • Help raise and shape the image of pathologists and pathology as a profession
  • Craft educational webinars and other supporting programs for CAP members to help them demonstrate their value in their institutions and their communities.
  • Provide guidance and resources to other pathologists to help them demonstrate their value to their institutions and the community
  • Contribute articles to NewsPath® for online publication and/or mentor NewsPath authors
  • Learn about and participate in College’s See, Test and Treat® program

Representation on committee beyond the CAP: None


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