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Technology Assessment Committee

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Background: The emergence of new medical technologies both within and external to pathology and the laboratory is clearly accelerating—some will be adopted, others will be quickly replaced by a more functional or advanced innovation. The impact of these changes on pathologists and the College of American Pathologists is not clear. However, it is evident that some technologies have the potential to cause disruption of current pathology practice while others provide a new or expanded pathway for pathologists to bring incremental value to their clinical colleagues and improve patient care. The College is challenged with the task of keeping an eye on these developments, determining which technologies on which to focus, and deciding how it can best support the specialty in preparing for and integrating new technologies.
More about the Technology Assessment Committee

  • To evaluate emerging technologies (drug, device, test or process) and trends in the clinical laboratory setting that impact the practice of pathology
  • To educate members of technologies that are “new to the world” or those that are evolving technologies
  • To provide expertise and education to other programs and members of the CAP
  • To maintain liaisons with other relevant external organizations

Requirements and Benefits

Time Commitment Time Commitment Expertise or Experience Expertise or Experience
Committee Activities Committee Activities Benefits to Membership Committee Benefits to Membership Committee