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Enhance your skills and knowledge in genomic medicine, the latest revolutionary diagnostic and treatment competency area.

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Pathologists can increase their leadership role and knowledge base through our programs and resources in the practice of genomics and molecular medicine.

Benefits to pathologists and medical professionals in expanding their genomics competency include:

  • The ability to offer and perform a wider range of tests
  • A greater clinical and consultative role in patient care
  • An opportunity to become community subject matter experts in this highly visible field

Definition of Genomics and Glossary of Key Terms

Download our useful glossary for definitions of key terms in genomics, molecular medicine, and next generation sequencing.

Learning Opportunities

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Genomics Courses
The genomics landscape is rapidly changing with new tests coming to market–changing standards and guidelines. Do you have the knowledge base to ensure that you and your practice are positioned to adapt to emerging tests and best practices?

Our extensive list of course offerings ranging from learning plans focusing on basic genetics and genomics principles to in-depth modules on specialties, such as cytogenetics and molecular oncology.

Pharmacogenomics Courses
Pharmacogenomics testing revolutionizes the practice of medicine through personalization of patient drug treatment. To gain expertise in this emerging area, select from our course packages:

Genomics and Molecular Medicine Resource Guides

Access our comprehensive guides that highlight current resources, selected journal articles, and CAP educational opportunities. The updated Pathology Resource Guides include expert insights, latest trends, and in-depth overview of the fields.

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Short Presentations in Emerging Concepts

Get assistance in establishing yourself as a leader in personalized medicine in your community with the CAP’s Short Presentations in Emerging Concepts (SPECs). Designed for pathologists, these short PowerPoint presentations focus on selected diseases where molecular tests play a key role in patient management.

Additional Webinars on Genomics

Explore the impact and opportunities that personalized medicine holds for your practice. This free webinar series covers topics from selecting molecular tests, key molecular test in cancer, to genomic analysis, more than 20 presentations are archived online for convenient 24/7 learning.

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Genetics/Genomics Competency Center for Education (G2C2) Physician Content

The mission of G2C2 is to provide high quality educational resources for group instruction or self-directed learning in genetics/genomics by health care educators and practitioners.

Genetics and Genomics for Health Professionals

Reliable, up-to-date genetics and genomics information related to patient management, curricular resources, new National Institutes of Health and NHGRI research activities, and ethical, legal and social issues.