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Contact Us

   If you have any questions,
   Call at 800-323-4040, ext. 7277

   Please note that the CAP is not
   responsible for a missed deadline
   or lost documentation pertaining to
   the MOC process.The MyMOC
   member benefit is intended to
   be an additional resource for
   CAP members navigating the MOC
   process, but should not completely
   replace other resources such as the
   ABP website and other documents.

My MOC Chemistry Resources Committee
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  MOC Reminders Calendar

MOC Reminders Calendar Are you confused about when and what you need to report to the ABP?

  • Access MOC monthly
  reminders and new CAP resources to
  help keep you on track!

  MOC Resources

 Personalized Education Transcript

Personalized Education Transcript   • Track ALL education activities
     online (both CAP and

 CAP Learning Options

CAP Resources   • Browse our Learning Catalog
     for a complete listing of CME


FAQs   • Got a question about MOC?
     Ask us
  • Find out what others are


  Synchronize Board Dates

Synchronize Board Dates Did you know that the American Board of Pathology (ABP) will allow you to sync up multiple board dates? As a CAP Member you will automatically receive all reminders and news pertinent to every board date we have on file if you passed in 2006 or after. If you have multiple board certifications and wish to receive fewer emails from us, choose your earliest board date and sync up!

  Board Certified Prior to 2006?

Board Certified Prior to 2006Although the ABP MOC requirements apply to pathologists board certified in 2006 or after, CAP Members certified before that time may choose to enroll.

Please note that all CAP Members board certified in 2006 or after are automatically enrolled in MyMOC.

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