College of American Pathologists

  Set Thresholds for Automatically Assigning
  Reassessments and Custom Courses


Posted March 24, 2011

Education administrators have the ability to set thresholds for scores that will trigger assignment of a reassessment. Use the option Set Thresholds for Automatically Assigning Competency Reassessments and Custom Courses to set threshold scores for current competency assessment courses. If a student's score on the competency assessment is below the specified threshold score, the program can automatically assign to the learner the relevant competency reassessment course. The reassessment gives the student another chance to answer the questions after having reviewed customized training material.

You also can use this option to set thresholds for auto assignment of custom reassessment courses for custom assessment courses. These features are optional and must be enabled by an education administrator through the following steps. (NOTE: changing a threshold score will not affect competency assessment assignments that have already been completed. Only students that complete competency assessments after the change are affected by the new threshold score.)

Go to Manage Assignments > Set thresholds for automatically assigning competency reassessments and custom courses.

To set a threshold score for competency assessments:

    1. Click the drop-down box Auto-Assign Reassessment If next to the course you wish to assign a threshold score.
    2. Select the threshold score from the list of options.
    3. Click Save Changes.

To remove a course from the list of Custom Courses with threshold scores:

    1. Click the checkbox to select the custom course.
    2. Click Remove Checked Thresholds.

To add a threshold score for a Custom Course:

    1. Click the drop down box to select the custom course name.
    2. Select the Reassessment Course to be assigned.
    3. Set the threshold score for the course.
    4. Click Add Threshold to continue.

Please note that auto assignment for custom courses is only available for custom courses with assessments. This feature is not available for courses with post-tests or with graded questions in the content section.