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  Calibration Verification and Linearity Program


Updated May 8, 2014

About CAP’s Calibration Verification/Linearity Program

Since 1988, the CAP has been offering a comprehensive menu of Calibration Verification/Linearity Surveys (CVL) designed for laboratories to satisfy the requirements for scheduled calibration verification and verification of the analytical measurement range (AMR) as specified in the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and Current CLIA Regulations Section 493.1255 for most analytes. (1,2)

Calibration Verification/Linearity Surveys

Our CVL Surveys provide the most comprehensive menu of analytes and methods that cover broad ranges from near zero to the top of the AMR. Customized reports are provided with an Executive Summary for a quick overview of performance, a detailed evaluation with specific analyte information, and calibration verification/linearity graphs.

For more information on the CVL Surveys, including target ranges, refer to the Instrumentation Validation Tools section of the 2014 Surveys Catalog.

LN Expresssm
LN Express is an expedited delivery system for CVL evaluation results that is offered with selected CVL Surveys. By logging into e-LAB Solutions™ you can receive your linearity results within two business days of submission.

Calibration Verification/Linearity Surveys User’s Guide

The User’s Guide is a convenient easy-to-use tool to assist you in achieving your quality management goals as well as meeting regulatory requirements. This guide includes a basic overview of your calibration verification/linearity evaluations, how to interpret your results, and a troubleshooting and suggested actions section. It is free with enrollment in the CVL Surveys program.

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