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  Instrumentation Quality Management Programs


Updated March 22, 2012

About CAP’s Instrumentation Quality Management Programs

Providing the best patient care requires laboratories to strive for the highest performance. The CAP Instrumentation Program provides you with useful information about the performance of your instruments (manual and automated) so you can determine if you are providing the most accurate patient results.

Instrumentation Survey (I)

The I Survey is as an assessment tool designed for instruments not routinely challenged during the proficiency testing process. Appropriate material is provided to assess important functional parameters, including accuracy and calibration verification/linearity on instruments such as a microtiter plate reader, refractometer and spectrophotometer.

Interfering Substance Survey (IFS)

The IFS Survey is intended to assist participants in verifying manufacturing interference specifications and to investigate discrepant results caused by interfering substances such as bilirubin and hemoglobin.

Serum and Urine Toxicology Carryover Surveys (SCO, UTCO)

The SCO and UTCO Surveys have been designed to help participants evaluate instrument sample probe carryover. A calculation will provided to assist in determining your instrument sample probe carryover; so data need not be submitted to the CAP.

For more information on these products, refer to the 2012 Surveys Catalog.


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