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Calibration Verification/Linearity Program

The advantages of these Surveys include:

  • Consistent analytical approach to the assessment of method linearity and calibration agreement with peer group
  • Liquid specimens that cover broad ranges to challenge assays from near zero to the top of the analytical measurement range for most clinical analyzers
  • A method to identify failing automated systems before failure in graded proficiency testing occurs
  • A method to help identify precision problems
  • Comprehensive selection of analytes and programs to encompass a broad testing menu
  • Satisfies the requirements for scheduled verification of the analytical measurement range of the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and CLIA calibration verification under 42 CFR 493.1255 (b)(3) for most analytes
  • Custom reports that include the Executive Summary for a quick overview of performance and a Comprehensive Evaluation Report with specific analyte information

Instrumentation Program

Articles Articles

Calibration Verification Performance Relates to Proficiency Testing Performance (PDF, 153 K)

Evaluation of the Extent of Nonlinearity in Reportable Range Studies

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