College of American Pathologists

  Patient Outcome Templates

Updated November 18, 2005


The patient outcome templates are an education-based, information toolset to help guide pathologists in leading outcome measurement studies in their local institutions. Each patient outcome template consists of downloadable files containing the following components:

  • Pathologist Summary: Two to three pages of text summarizing the disease, its prevalence and morbidity and mortality data.
  • References: A list of appropriate citations from the medical literature.

In addition, CAP members can log in to access additional components of each template:

  • Outcome Measures: A table or chart containing an explanation of the indicators including benchmark values and real number examples.
  • Slide Presentation: A PowerPoint presentation containing approximately 20-25 slides, expanding upon the pathologist summary, while presenting the information for a non-pathologist audience. Slides convey information using bullet points, tables, charts, and cost saving models when appropriate.

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