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Updated March 16, 2009

The CAP created this resource and workshop in response to a resolution of the House of Delegates, which felt that the organization should address reporting issues of concern to pathologists. To determine what issues need further work, the reporting workshop planning committee compiled these resources to help pathologists access resources about reporting that are currently available. The resources are useful benchmarks for quality reporting that will help pathologists evaluate and improve the quality of anatomic pathology reports. The CAP plans to convene a task force after the workshop to address reporting issues that require further definition. Please provide any feedback you may have on the resources, the workshop, or the issues that the task force should address.

Regulations on Reports

Information Organized by Type of Report (Includes Sample Reports)

General Guidelines and Articles

Slides Presented at CAP ’05
These three files contain the slides presented during the pathology reporting course at CAP’05 and the results of the large group polls taken during the session.

Pathology Reporting Workshop - Part 1 (PDF, 9.95 MB)
Pathology Reporting Workshop - Part 2
(PDF, 11 MB)
Pathology Reporting Workshop - Part 3
(PDF, 12.1 MB)


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