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  PAP Slide Submission Program


Updated September 14, 2012

Slide Submission Program

The College of American Pathologists believes that constantly striving for the highest level of analytical performance is vital to improving the health and well-being of patients. The outstanding case material you provide to the PAP Education and PAP PT Programs ensures the delivery of effective education and proficiency testing programs. The CAP encourages all participants to submit slides, although enrollment is not contingent upon the submission of materials.

Download slide submission form (PDF, 95 K)

Submitted slides undergo a rigorous review process. Each slide is screened by CAP staff cytotechnologists and scrutinized by three board-certified pathologists, who must concur with the reference diagnosis for acceptance of the slide into the program. In addition, slides must meet the following criteria:

  • All LSIL, HSIL and carcinoma cases must have tissue confirmation of the reference interpretation. Per CMS requirement, please write the biopsy diagnosis on the submitter sheet, or send an anonymized copy of the biopsy report.
  • Cases must have only one reportable parameter (e.g., LSIL or trichomonas but not LSIL and trichomonas). Please do NOT submit slides with more than one diagnosis.
  • Each submitted case should be accompanied by appropriate clinical history for the patient (e.g., age, LMP, prior hysterectomy, etc.).
  • Materials submitted must be free of patient identifiers.

To maintain the PAP Education and PAP PT Program quality, the following slides cannot be accepted in the program:

  • Broken, cracked, chipped or repaired slides
  • Slides with air bubbles
  • Slides showing fading, drying (particularly around the periphery) or intense orangeophilia
  • Slides more than seven (7) years old
  • Slides with plastic or liquid coverslips
  • Cases interpreted as moderate dysplasia, ASC-US, ASC-H, or AGC

Reimbursement for slides supports your contribution of resources to the programs. Institutions will receive reimbursement for administrative work done for preparing slides that are accepted into the program as follows:

Slide Preparation Type
Reimbursement Fee for administrative work
SurePath, ThinPrep, and ThinPrep Imager* slides, any acceptable diagnosis $20
Conventional slides, any acceptable diagnosis $10

You Make a Real Difference

Your commitment to providing the highest quality patient care is reflected in all you do. Thank you for sharing your case materials with your peers.

* ThinPrep Imager slides are slides that have been stained specifically for use with the ThinPrep Imager.

Reimbursement for New Submitters

Download the IRS W-9 Form (PDF, 89 K). This form should be filled out and sent in with your first submission.


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