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Updated January 8, 2013

Help ensure accurate diagnoses, patient safety, and appropriate care

Q-TRACKS monitors reach beyond the testing phase to evaluate the quality of processes both within and beyond the laboratory that can impact test results and patient outcomes.

Identify and monitor improvement opportunities

Each Q-TRACKS monitor provides a quarterly Performance Management Report package that helps you identify improvement opportunities and monitor the effectiveness of changes implemented over time.

Establish realistic benchmarks

Measure your lab’s performance against participating labs to help you set performance goals. Q-TRACKS helps you identify those labs with the greatest similarities using field-tested tools. Fingerprint clusters identify the most appropriate peer groups based on test volume/complexity, demographics, and operational characteristics. Customer-defined groups allow you to customize peer groups by having you decide which characteristics are most important to you for comparison.

  • QT1 Patient Identification Accuracy
  • QT2 Blood Culture Contamination
  • QT3 Laboratory Specimen Acceptability
  • QT4 In-Date Blood Product Wastage
  • QT5 Gynecologic Cytology Outcomes: Biopsy Correlation Performance
  • QT7 Satisfaction With Outpatient Specimen Collection
  • QT8 Stat Test Turnaround Time Outliers
  • QT10 Critical Values Reporting
  • QT15 Turnaround Time (TAT) of Troponin
  • QT16 Corrected Results
  • QT17 Outpatient Order Entry Errors

Maintenance of Certification is available for the Quality Management Tools.


If you have any questions about the Q-TRACKS program, please contact us via the Customer Contact Center.


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