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 Cancer Reporting Tools

Fulfilling Commission on Cancer Pathology Reporting Requirements with the CAP eCC

Create the highest quality cancer reports and help to ensure excellent patient care with The College of American Pathologists (CAP’s) cancer reporting tools and standards and guidelines for cancer reporting.

The CAP Cancer Protocols are recognized as a “gold standard” in cancer reporting worldwide.

Our Cancer Committee and Cancer Biomarker Reporting Committee develop these guidelines in collaboration with cancer experts, such as oncologists, molecular experts, radiologists, surgeons, cancer registrars, and other health care professionals, to aid pathologists in cancer reporting. The Pathology Electronic Reporting (PERT) Committee integrates these standards into computer-readable electronic format for pathologist use in anatomic pathology-laboratory information systems (AP-LIS).

We offer three solutions for your cancer reporting needs:

Cancer Protocols

The CAP Cancer Protocols (in Word or PDF format) provide consistent and meaningful information that enables health care professionals to manage and study clinical data necessary in improving patient care. Printable versions of the standards are freely available and are used by thousands of pathologists and other medical professionals to provide complete and uniform reporting of malignant tumors.

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CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (CAP eCC)

The electronic version of the 85 case summaries currently within the Cancer Protocols and Cancer Biomarker Templates helps pathologists create high quality cancer reports within their current AP-LIS workflow. The eCC enables health care professionals to better manage information through standardized, structured electronic reporting of cancer data.

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CAP electronic Forms and Reporting Module (CAP eFRM)

The CAP eFRM software delivers consistent and comprehensive cancer reporting, integrating the latest cancer protocol updates into your anatomic pathology-laboratory information system (AP-LIS). CAP eFRM automatically delivers real-time updates of the latest eCCs, ensures report completion, and automates content maintenance.

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