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 CAP eCC (electronic Cancer Checklists)

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eCC computer image The College of American Pathologists (CAP) eCC (electronic Cancer Checklists) enables pathologists to use the CAP Cancer Protocols directly within their laboratory information system (LIS) workflow and to ensure that each report is completed with the necessary required elements. Most anatomic pathology (AP)-LIS vendors offer a CAP eCC synoptic module for reporting on surgical cancer resections and selected biopsies.

Upcoming 2014 CAP eCC Releases

CAP will release eCC templates on a rolling release basis in conjunction with the posting of the new and revised Cancer Biomarker Reporting Templates. The updated Cancer Protocols, which will include the removal of the “Ancillary Studies” sections, will be released concurrently with their corresponding Biomarker Template.

We will send an email update to all licensed users regarding the future Spring 2015 Annual Release closer to the time of release.

Benefits of the eCC

  • Integrates into pathologist AP-LIS workflow
  • Supports and aids the pathologist in the diagnostic process
  • Standardizes the collection and reporting of cancer patient data
  • Facilitates communication between pathologists, clinicians and cancer registrars
  • Helps to advance the pathologist role as chief diagnostician and a leader in the patient care process
  • Improves and supports information exchange and data interoperability
  • Provides automated access to patient data through work with vendors

Learn more about how the CAP eCC can help you and your practice. (PDF, 896 KB)

Licensing of eCC

Contact the CAP for more information to determine if your AP-LIS vendor is licensed to integrate the eCC.


The eCC is now available to users in a standardized software implementation using CAP eFRM.

eCC Related Resources

Access resources from the CAP and other organizations to learn more about eCC.

Collaboration With Other Organizations

The CAP eCC is based on the CAP Cancer Protocols and is produced under the guidance of the CAP Pathology Electronic Reporting (PERT) Committee, along with close interaction and advisement of the Cancer and Cancer Biomarker Reporting Committees.

The eCC is developed in collaboration with and partially underwritten by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additional collaborators include the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC), Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR).

The CAP currently is working with the California Cancer Registry (CCR) to offer the benefits of the eCC to California laboratories. CCR and the CAP are seeking out laboratories interested in participating in an ongoing project using the eCC to directly transfer cancer data to the central registry.

Please contact the CAP for more information at 847-832-7700 or email us at


“The CAP eCC is easy to use, improves efficiency and removes doubt about report findings. There is clarity of information which is presented in a crisp, consistent format. It gives confidence to health care providers who are involved in treatment care plans, since it is easier and quicker to see the data needed for treatment discussions and decisions.”

- Dr. Dimitrios Divaris, chief of pathology at Grand River Hospital and clinical advisor at Cancer Care Ontario

“My surgeon provided me a copy of my pathology report. Because of its clarity and completeness, I was then able to research the facts and validate my oncologist’s proposed treatment plans. I could truly give informed consent when asked my preference in terms of chemotherapy regimens, radiation therapy, targeted molecular therapy and hormone therapy. Knowing my treatment plan was in line with recommended practice gave me confidence in my health care providers and more importantly, hope for a positive outcome.”

- Marianne Luettschwager, patient and cancer survivor