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Simplify compliance and demonstrate excellence through the Web-based application designed specifically for pathologists.

Evalumetrics streamlines management of the process for Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)/Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) and delivers reports that demonstrate the value of your pathology practice.

You already collect data about providers for compliance and performance evaluation. Now, use Evalumetrics the online application that provides a variety of metrics and helps you to drive consistent quality with consistent evaluation of pathologists.

It can be easily tailored for your pathology group:

  • Choose your metrics and assign metrics for practice areas
  • Enter providers for monitoring
  • Enter data
  • Generate reports

Customized reports tell your story in a clear and concise way for OPPE and FPPE.

Evalumetrics can help demonstrate—through objective evidence—the level of excellence that providers bring to institutions and patients.

Introducing a new way to comply with OPPE/FPPE

Use Evalumetrics for the following:

  • Objective evidence-based reports
  • Internal peer comparison benchmark data
  • Easy access, maintenance, and security
  • Dashboard access to manage the system
  • Automatic updates and reminders
  • Security and privacy
  • Convenient user videos

Discover how pathologists are using Evalumetrics to monitor their OPPE/FPPE efforts.

Subscribe now and get immediate access to metrics and the opportunity to start entering data and creating reports.

Knowledge Base Sample Reports and Metrics
 • Evalumetrics: List of Metrics (PDF, 329 K)
 • Subscription Information
 • Evalumetrics White Paper (PDF, 188 K)
 • Provider Summary (PDF, 323 K)
 • Comparative Summary (PDF, 270 K)
 • Executive Summary(PDF, 295 K)
 • FPPE Provider Summary(PDF, 239 K)
 • Coagulation Report Peer Review(PDF, 545 K)
 • Reporting of Lower Esophageal Biopsies (PDF, 439 K)

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