College of American Pathologists

CAP Guidelines

Enhance your decision making in diagnostic and treatment practices to provide the best quality patient care by following the CAP evidence-based guidelines.


Improve diagnostic and treatment decision making

The CAP Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center, along with our professional partners, is advancing the practice of pathology and laboratory
medicine by bringing evidence-based medicine and consensus recommendations to the forefront of clinical decision making.

The CAP Guidelines help pathologists and other clinicians:
  • make more informed decisions about diagnosis and optimal treatment, and
  • place emphasis on the pathologist’s role to the center of patient care.

Adopting these guidelines helps pathologists and lab professionals to provide more effective testing, consistent and high-quality results, and expert interpretations.

The CAP guidelines are updated on a regular interval and are freely available.

Submit your ideas for future guidelines that CAP may consider developing or become a contributor and volunteer to participate in our guideline development and review process.

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