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Division of Membership and Advocacy
Information packets on payment, contract, and other pathology practice issues of current interest are available at no charge.

The packets include reprints of HCFA regulations, Medicare Carrier Manual instructions and other materials that provide useful information of particular importance to pathologists' practice.

Requested Packets: Please check the required packet(s):
DGP102 Medicare Pap Smear and Coding
DGP110 Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR)
DGP112 Purchased T.C and P.C Billing
DGP113 CLIA Comparison Chart
DGP117 Immunohistochemistry Reagents (IHC)
DGP124 Medicare Part A Payment Rules
DGP125 Medicare Pathology Payment Instructions to Carriers
DGP126 Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule
DGP127 Medicare ICD-9-CM Rules
DGP128 Example Contracts (Members Only)
DGP129 IG Report on Financial Arrangements
DGP130 Professional Component Billing
DGP135 Fraud and Abuse Issues
DGP136 Medicare Reassignment and Locum Tenens Rules
DGP138 Pathologist Staffing
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