College of American Pathologists

Diagnostic Immunology Resource Committee


Gyorgy Abel, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Mohammad Qasim Ansari, MD, FCAP, Chair Richard J Baltaro, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Christine Bashleben, MT(ASCP), Staff James Bauer, MD,PhD, Member-J Jack J. H Bleesing, MD,PhD, Liaison - Inbound
David M. Dorfman, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member James D Faix, MD, FCAP, Member Jonathan R Genzen, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Jeannine T Holden, MD,MBA, FCAP, Liaison - Inbound William J Karlon, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Michael Keeney, ART, Member
Vijaya Knight, MD,PhD,D(ABMLI), Liaison - Inbound Steven J Kussick, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Catherine Leith, MBBCh, FCAP, Member
Michael Andrew Linden, MD,PhD, FCAP, Vice Chair Qing He Meng, PhD, Member David Logan Murray, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Stanley J Naides, MD, Liaison - Inbound Daniel D Rhoads, MD,MLS(ASCP), FCAP, Member Adam C Seegmiller, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member


Diagnostic Immunology Resource Committee
Christine Bashleben
Senior Technical Specialist
College of American Pathologists
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