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Council on Government and Professional Affairs


W Stephen Black-Schaffer, MD, FCAP, Member Diana Marcella Cardona, MD, FCAP, Member Michael B Cohen, MD, FCAP, Member
Wayne Lee Garrett, DO, FCAP, Member Patrick E. Godbey, MD, FCAP, Member Gerald R Hanson, MD, FCAP, Member
Andrew E Horvath, MD, FCAP, Member Donald Steven Karcher, MD, FCAP, Member Kathryn Teresa Knight, MD, FCAP, Member
George F. Kwass, MD, FCAP, Chair Debra G.B. Leonard, MD,PhD, FCAP, Advisor Jonathan Louis Myles, MD, FCAP, Member
Paul A Raslavicus, MD, FCAP, Advisor James Edward Richard, DO, FCAP, Member Joseph Michael Sanfrancesco, MD, Member-J
John H Scott, Staff Joyce Simko, Staff Melissa B Stegun, Staff
Mark S Synovec, MD, FCAP, Advisor Ann D Thor, MD, FCAP, Member Emily Ellen Volk, MD, FCAP, Vice Chair
Thomas M Wheeler, MD, FCAP, Member



AMA CPT-4 Advisory Committee
Michael McEachin MD, MBA, FCAP, Liaison
Ayanna Wooding, Staff

AMA House of Delegates
Jean Forsberg, MD, Liaison
William V. Harrer, MD, Liaison
Rebecca L. Johnson, MD, Liaison
Mark S. Synovec, MD, Liaison
James L. Caruso, MD, Liaison
Susan M. Strate, MD, Liaison
John H. Scott, Staff

AMA Pathology Section Council
Stanley Robboy, MD, Liaison
Gene Herbeck, MD, FCAP, Liaison
John H. Scott, Staff

AMA Resident and Fellow Section (AMA/RFS)
Xiaoyin Jiang, MD, Liaison
Philip Stephenson, DO
Brran Merritt, MD, Liaison
Crystal Trujillo, MD, Liaison
Narali Patel, MD, Liaison
Daniel Wimmer, DO, Liaison
Jan S. Glas, Staff

AMA RVS Advisory Committee
Stephen N. Bauer, MD, Liaison
Pamela Johnson, Staff

AMA RVS Update Committee
Margaret Neal, MD FCAP, Liaison
Pamela Johnson, Staff

AMA Young Physicians Section (AMA/YPS)
PAtrick Hemmer, MD, FCAP, Liaison
Daniel Zedek, MD, FCAP, Liaison
Jan S. Glas, Staff

JCAHO Professional and Technical Advisory Committee
Emily Volk, MD, FCAP, Liaison

Council on Government and Professional Affairs
1350 I Street, NW, Suite 590
Washington, DC 20005-3305
Fax: 202-354-7100


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