Surgical Pathology Committee


Aleodor Alexandru Andea, MD,MBA, FCAP, Member Aaron Auerbach, MD, FCAP, Member Philip A Branton, MD, FCAP, Chair
Brad B Bryan, MD, FCAP, Member Simion Ion Chiosea, MD, FCAP, Member William Vincent Chopp, MD, FCAP, Member
Rajan Dewar, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member H. Parry Dilworth, MD, FCAP, Member Leslie Gail Dodd, MD, FCAP, Member
Patricia Eagle, CLSp(CG), Staff Julie C Fanburg-Smith, MD, FCAP, Member Tamera J. Lillemoe, MD, FCAP, Member
Marisa Rose Nucci, MD, FCAP, Member Nilsa C Ramirez, MD, FCAP, Member Kirtee Raparia, MD, FCAP, Member
Vijaya B Reddy, MD,MBA, FCAP, Member Safia Nawazish Salaria, MD, FCAP, Member Rochelle Simon, MD, FCAP, Vice Chair
J Clint Stanfill, MD, Member-J Nichole Lee Steidler, MD, FCAP, Member Justin M Wells, MD, FCAP, Member
Danielle Elizabeth Westfall, MD, FCAP, Member

Committee Liaisons

Assn. of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathol
Byron E. Crawford, MD, FCAP, Liaison

Contact Information

Surgical Pathology Committee
Attention: Penny Eagle
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, Il 60093-2750
Fax: 847-832-7272


To assist pathologists by providing guidance for surgical pathology practice and quality assurance by serving as a resource on technical and regulatory issues that affect the surgical pathology laboratory, by providing resources for educational programs that help pathologists continually improve their performance, and by serving as a resource to the Council on Government and Professional Affairs and the Division of Government and Professional Affairs.


Last updated: October 29, 2013

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Surveys supported by this committee

Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology (PIP, PIP1)

Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology:
1989-2004 Case Summary Report
(PDF, 356 Kb)

Digital Slide Program in Surgical Pathology (DSP,DSP1)