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Surgical Pathology Committee


Aleodor Alexandru Andea, MD,MBA, FCAP, Member Aaron Auerbach, MD, FCAP, Member Philip A Branton, MD, FCAP, Chair
Brad B Bryan, MD, FCAP, Member Simion Ion Chiosea, MD, FCAP, Member William Vincent Chopp, MD, FCAP, Member
Amy M Coffey, MD, Member-J Byron E Crawford, MD, FCAP, Member H. Parry Dilworth, MD, FCAP, Member
Leslie Gail Dodd, MD, FCAP, Member Patricia Eagle, CLSp(CG), Staff Julie C Fanburg-Smith, MD, FCAP, Member
Alyssa M. Krasinskas, MD, FCAP, Member Tamera J. Lillemoe, MD, FCAP, Member Daniel J Luthringer, MD, FCAP, Member
Marisa Rose Nucci, MD, FCAP, Member Nilsa C Ramirez, MD, FCAP, Member Kirtee Raparia, MD, FCAP, Member
Vijaya B Reddy, MD,MBA, FCAP, Member Rochelle Simon, MD, FCAP, Vice Chair Thomas S Winokur, MD, FCAP, Member

Committee Liaisons

Assn. of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathol
Byron E. Crawford, MD, FCAP, Liaison

Contact Information

Surgical Pathology Committee
Attention: Penny Eagle
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, Il 60093-2750
Fax: 847-832-7272


To assist pathologists by providing guidance for surgical pathology practice and quality assurance by serving as a resource on technical and regulatory issues that affect the surgical pathology laboratory, by providing resources for educational programs that help pathologists continually improve their performance, and by serving as a resource to the Council on Government and Professional Affairs and the Division of Government and Professional Affairs.


Last updated: October 29, 2013

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Surveys supported by this committee

Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology (PIP, PIP1)

Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology:
1989-2004 Case Summary Report
(PDF, 356 Kb)

Digital Slide Program in Surgical Pathology (DSP,DSP1)