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Molecular Oncology Committee


Joseph Michael Anderson, MD, FCAP, Member Angela Nicole Bartley, MD, FCAP, Member William K. Funkhouser, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Rondell Graham, MBBS, FCAP, Member-J David James Harrison, MD,MBChB,DSc,BSc,RCP, IFCAP, Member Lawrence John Jennings, MD,PhD, FCAP, Chair
Suzanne Kamel-Reid, PhD, Member Kazunori Kanehira, MD, FCAP, Member Annette Sunhi Kim, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Alexander Joseph Lazar, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Neal I Lindeman, MD, FCAP, Member Jason Derek Merker, MD,PhD, FCAP, Vice Chair
Joel Todd Moncur, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member John David Pfeifer, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Alex J Rai, PhD,D(ABCC), Liaison - Inbound
David L. Rimm, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member Paul G. Rothberg, PhD, Liaison - Inbound Timothy T. Stenzel, MD,PhD, FCAP, Member
Amanda L Treece, MD, FCAP, Member-J Patricia Vasalos, Staff

Committee Liaisons

American College of Medical Genetics

Lawrence J. Jennings, MD, PhD, Liaison

Patricia Vasalos, Staff

Association for Molecular Pathology

Jan Anthony Nowak, MD, PhD, Liaison

Patricia Vasalos, Staff

CDC Division of Laboratory Systems Get-RM Coordinator

Lawrence J. Jennings, MD, PhD, Liaison

Patricia Vasalos, Staff

Surveys supported by this commit

  • Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)
  • In Situ Hybridization (ISH)
  • In Situ Hybridization for HER2 (ISH2)
  • Molecular Hematological Oncology
    (MHO, MHO1, MHO2, MHO3, MHO5)
  • Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)
  • Microsatellite Instability (MSI)
  • Multigene Tumor Panel (MTP)
  • Neoplastic Cellularity (NEO)
  • Sarcoma Translocation (SARC)


Contact Information

Molecular Oncology Committee
Attention: Patty Vasalos
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, IL 60093-2750
Fax: 847-832-8584