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  Career Development Resources for Residents
  and Young Pathologists




Contracts and Negotiating

Financial Decisions

Finding a Job

Medical Specialties

Preparing for Interviews

Resumes, Recommendation and Cover Letters

Women in Medicine

Books Books

CAP Press and Publications.

The Pathologist in Court, (2003) by the CAP Forensic Pathology Committee.
Written by members of the CAP Forensic Pathology Committee in conjunction with legal experts to assist pathologists in their encounters with courts by providing information on their role as experts and the nature of pathologic evidence. Free download for CAP members! Learn more

Professional Relations Manual, 12th Edition, 2003, by the CAP Practice Management Committee. This comprehensive introduction to the practice of pathology contains voluntary guidelines for professional practice in pathology and suggestions to assist pathologists in establishing contractual relationships. Free download for CAP members! Learn more

Several books from AMA Press can help medical professionals hone resume and CV writing skills. Books can be ordered online at the AMA Press Web site or by phone at 1-800-621-8335.

Medical Marriage Sustaining Healthy Relationships for Physicians and Their Families, by Wayne M. Sotile.

On Leadership: Essential Principles for Success, by Dr. Donald J. Palmisano.

Strategic Career Management for the 21st Century Physician, by Gigi Hirsch, MD, and Mike Scott.

Websites A reference site, developed by the College of American Pathologists, containing information about cancer diagnosis for patients and others.

CAP Learning . Information about courses and educational activities at the CAP.

CAP Foundation. Pathology’s premier grant-making organization awards grants, awards, and scholarships to further pathology research and innovation; advance education; and develop leadership and provide community service.

The Riley Guide. Job resources on the Internet complied by Margaret F. Dikel.

Susan Ireland Resumes. Free advice and samples from resume expert, Susan Ireland.

WEDDLE’s Newsletter. Information and tips about Internet resources for successful online job search and career management.


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