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Posted September 13, 2007

Part A Information Package

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Learn more about:

  • Introduction
  • What Pathology-Specific Services are Covered under Medicare Part A?
  • How are Pathologists Paid for Part A Services?
  • What are the Compliance Issues for Part A Compensation from Hospitals?
  • Can My Hospital Offset Part A Compensation by Charging Rent and Other Costs?
  • Are there any standards for Part A Compensation?


THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IS FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE AND MAY NOT BE RELIED UPON FOR ANY PURPOSE. The information provided on these pages summarizes federal laws applicable to health care providers, but does not address potential legal issues under state law. You should consult legal counsel on specific legal questions. If you are in need of legal counsel there are a variety of lawyer referral services, including those through your state and local bar associations and the American Bar Association.


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