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Published September 24, 2004

Pathology Student Interest Groups Pathology Student Interest Groups

CAP members are encouraged to promote pathology to medical students to improve their knowledge about the field of pathology and to encourage them to pursue pathology as a medical specialty.

The CAP has developed four pathology modules for use by CAP members to share various aspects of pathology with medical students. Each module is formatted to last approximately one hour, including the presentation and questions. The modules can be presented in any order.

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The four modules are:

  • Pathology Student Interest Group: Introduction
  • The Pathologist: Integrated Health Care Team Member
  • The Pathologist’s Role in the Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma
  • The Pivotal Role of the Pathologist: Hematopathology

If you have any questions or comments about these modules, please contact Barbara J. Barrett.


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