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Updated December 9, 2014


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• ImageScope
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Why use ImageScope?

ImageScope offers many additional features including:

• Ability to view multiple slides
  concurrently; synchronize

• Facility to author annotations.

• Capability to run analysis
  algorithms, and display results.

• Modify image brightness,
  contrast, color balance,

• Generally faster and more

• WebViewer

This program offers one challenging case each month from the CAP Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology (PIP) archives. For each case you will use a virtual microscope whole slide image (WSI) of a surgical specimen to diagnose diseases.

You will be presented with information on each case including:
   • specimen source
   • clinical history
   • laboratory findings
   • a representative whole slide image of the surgical specimen
After you complete each case, you will be provided a case summary with three multiple-choice questions that relate to the case.
Your input is valued - please submit your feedback so that we may continue to optimize this program.

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