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  CAP Foundation Advanced Training Elective in


Updated January 15, 2009

The CAP Foundation is pleased to announce a new training elective in hematopathology. Special thanks to US Labs for an education grant to fund this rotation.

Applications will be accepted from pathology residents and hematopathology fellows in training who seek to gain additional exposure to hematopathology and related areas. Residents will have the opportunity to work in one of two state of the art laboratories located in Brentwood, TN or Irvine, CA (US Labs).

After completion of a one-month rotation, resident awardees will:

  • Obtain hands-on experience with high volume, challenging hematopathology diagnostic consultations.
  • Receive detailed instruction and hands-on experience with four to five color flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics.
  • Gain working knowledge of cancer cytogenetics, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH);
  • Obtain experience with the use and interpretation of image analysis as it pertains to immunohisochemistry (IHC).
  • Understand the need for correlation of special studies (FISH, flow cytometry, and IHC, etc.) with morphology in the diagnosis of lymphoma/leukemia
  • Complete, if a two month fellowship is awarded, a research project for abstract presentation that relates to cancer diagnostic, prognostic, or predictive testing services for patients.

Applications will be accepted from residents and residents doing fellowships who are still in training and who meet the CAP Junior Member* status and have at least six months of training in hematopathology and related areas.

* Note: Applicants must be a CAP Junior Member or have an application pending.

Funding for the resident recipient will be available for travel and a living allowance during the rotation. It is expected that the grant recipient's institution will provide salary and benefit support during the award period.

Application Guidelines
Applications and essays must be typed and include:

  • A completed form (PDF, 56 K) (Word, 38 K)
  • The applicant’s current curriculum vita
  • A letter of recommendation and documentation from the director of the applicant’s residency program indicating that salary and benefits will be supported during the award period.
  • A narrative, not to exceed two pages, describing the:
    1. Applicant’s interest in hematopathology, why this experience is desired, and how it will enhance their training in pathology.
    2. Description of any previous experience that will be helpful to fulfill the elective objectives;
    3. Benefit to society and the practice of pathology that this experience will provide;
    4. Why the Foundation support is needed and what other means of support areavailable.

Selection Criteria
Application will be judged on the following:

  • Merit of application and narrative
  • Educational value to the applicant
  • Applicant background (current knowledge of pathology practice and hematopathology)
  • Program director’s recommendation

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