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Herbek Humanitarian Award

The Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award is a monetary award presented to a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists who provides outstanding direct patient services to individuals in underserved communities through a See, Test & Treat program.

The funds awarded will be dedicated to enhancing a program beyond its core services or to fulfilling an unmet need.

Funded Up To





Provides up to $25,000 to a CAP Fellow who demonstrates leadership in a See, Test &. Treat program

CAP Members

By Invitation

See, Test, & Treat Program
The program provides free breast and cervical cancer screening to medically underserved women.

CAP member pathologists, together with a team of health care professionals, volunteer their time and expertise to deliver screenings, diagnoses, and follow-up care or treatment recommendations in one day and at no cost to the women served.

CAP pathologists also provide valuable education to women and their families about healthy lifestyles and the importance of receiving regular health screenings for the early detection of cancer.

Nomination Process
Every year, beginning in 2012, the See, Test & Treat program directors will nominate a pathologist for the Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award.

The CAP Foundation will invite the nominee to apply for an award which can be added to the basic grants already provided to support a See, Test & Treat program.

The additional funds will allow the awardee the means to improve the program beyond its core services or to fulfill an unmet need of the existing program.

For more information about the Herbek Humanitarian Award, please call the CAP Foundation at 800-323-4040 ext. 7931 (in Illinois 847-832-7931), or send an email to



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