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  Humanitarian Grant Program


Updated January 7, 2009

About the Award

The College of American Pathologists Foundation’s Humanitarian Grant Program funds pathology and medical services to under-served patients and in underdeveloped areas.

Examples of types of projects the award is intended to fund:

  • Programs involving infectious diseases;
  • Pathology-dependent disease screening;
  • Pathology and medical services that have an immediate, demonstrable impact on health.

Funding may be given to:

  • Qualified not-for-profit organizations on behalf of a pathologist(s) performing services;
  • Qualified not-for-profit organizations for supplies or materials needed for pathology involvement;
  • Individual pathologists or groups of pathologists for reimbursement of travel and living expenses;
  • Please note, indirect organizational charges are not allowable.

Grants may be distributed in varying amounts depending upon the number of requests received and the applicant’s need. Depending upon the merit of the applications received, up to five grants may be given each year. Funding may be distributed in two or more payments depending upon the amount awarded and use of the funds. Applicants may be eligible for funding for multiple years with completion of previous year’s reports and a new application.

Selection of Recipients

Selection of recipients will be based upon, but not limited to, the following assessment factors:

  1. level of service(s) provided to persons in underserved and/or underdeveloped areas;
  2. anticipated number of people being served;
  3. anticipated impact on the community/region, including, if applicable, an educational component;
  4. explanation of how this service/request for funding will enhance to the understanding of the role of pathology in providing patient care;
  5. organization’s and/or applicant’s need.
  6. is the program established or considered a pilot project;
  7. other sources of funding that have been awarded or currently applied for by the not-for-profit organization.

An independent review team will recommend to the CAP Foundation Board a ranked order of applicants for approval for funding.


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