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Leadership Development Award

The CAP Foundation Leadership Development Award introduces young pathologists to the specialty’s issues and leadership opportunities at the institutional, local, state, and national levels. Funding up to $1,000 is available for pathology residents to attend the fall Residents Forum meeting, the spring Residents Forum meeting, and/or the annual CAP Policy Meeting.

CAP Junior Members will gain a broad understanding of the many factors affecting the future of pathology and issues that contribute to a successful career, as well an introduction to the specialty’s leadership opportunities at the institutional, local, state, and national levels. The award seeks to enhance the awardee’s experience by assigning a House of Delegates partner to provide guidance in the areas of leadership and advocacy.

All CAP Junior Members may apply. All applicants will be considered regardless of age, race, gender, national origin, or religion.

  • Applicants should have authorization from their institution to attend the meeting.
  • Awardees and/or their institutions should expect to cover any travel costs that exceed the amount awarded.
  • Award must be fulfilled prior to converting to CAP Fellow membership.

Within 10 days of any meeting attendance, awardees are required to submit a report on:

  • Achievement of goals as listed in their application
  • Tactics to share knowledge gained
  • Summary of interactions with assigned House of Delegates partner
  • Ways they will advocate on issues facing the specialty of pathology (eg, contacting local congressman, reaching out via print or digital media (TV, newspaper, radio, or social media)

Funded Up To





Travel to attend the fall Resident’s Forum meeting, the spring Resident’s Forum meeting or the annual CAP Policy Meeting to enhance education and experience on issues challenging the pathology specialty.

CAP Junior Members

Apply by June 13

To Apply
Submit the following materials:

  1. Foundation Common Grant Application
  2. An essay, up to 750 words, discussing
    • Your interest in developing leadership skills
    • Your interest in issues influencing pathology and patient care
    • Your goals for attending the Residents Forum meeting or CAP Policy Meeting (eg, I would like to achieve the following...)
    • Your plan to share and apply knowledge gained
    • Why the CAP Foundation financial support is necessary
  3. Curriculum Vitae

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For more information about this award please call Julia Rankenburg at 800-323-4040, ext. 7931.



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