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Creating Critical Impact, Supporting Philanthropic Pathology

By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD, MEd, FCAP

Welcome to the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Foundation, the place where pathology and philanthropy are intertwined. Along with our 18,000 CAP members, we are committed to connecting people in need with the life-saving skills of a pathologist.

The CAP Foundation’s focus on humanitarian efforts has had a tremendous impact. It’s evident in our See, Test & Treat® program, where women receive free cervical and breast cancer screening. What makes our program special is that after the patients are screened, they receive their results and planning for follow-up care all in the same visit.

I’m proud of this program because we’ve already screened hundreds of women and given pathologists the chance to connect directly with patients. In our everyday lives as pathologists, that’s something that is hard to do.

To recognize the successes within See, Test & Treat, this year we will present the first Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award. This annual award provides grants to CAP Fellows who helped extend the reach of See, Test & Treat in their communities.

While it’s important to highlight our focus on humanitarian work, it’s also essential to support our pathologists’ philanthropic efforts. Your donations to the CAP Foundation help pathologists contribute their skills and expertise, particularly to communities in need.

On behalf of the CAP Foundation Board, and all who serve the CAP and the CAP Foundation, I thank you for your generous support.



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