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Foundation Programs and Support Are On the Grow

By Jennifer L. Hunt, MD, MEd, FCAP

During the recent CAP ’11 annual meeting, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing the newly created Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award. This annual award will provide grants to CAP Fellows who help build the impact and extend the reach of the College’s See, Test & Treat® program.

For those unfamiliar with See, Test & Treat, it is a fantastic program that helps pathologists meet the needs of women right here in our own communities, women who lack fundamental access to health services. Our volunteer pathologists provide these women with breast and cervical cancer screening, test results, and connections to follow-up care—all in one day and all at no cost to the women served.

The Herbek Humanitarian Award is inspired by CAP President-elect Gene Herbek, MD, FCAP, who brought the first See, Test & Treat program to Native American women in South Dakota, and by his wife Jean, who shares his commitment. So far, generous donors who share the Herbeks’ vision have pledged $210,000 specifically for this humanitarian award, helping to ensure that See, Test & Treat will have a profound, valuable impact on underserved women throughout the US.

At CAP ’11, I also was honored to unveil the award’s breathtaking steel sculpture, entitled “The Circles of Life.” This beautiful piece was forged by pathologist and artist, Ann T. Moriarty, MD, FCAP. While the original sculpture will reside at CAP headquarters in Northfield, Illinois, recipients of the Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award will receive a personal representation, also created by the artist.

Building the Core of CAP’s See, Test & Treat Program

Soon you will be receiving the Foundation’s year-end appeal as well as your CAP dues renewal statement. Your annual donation to See, Test & Treat will build the capacity of the program itself, by enabling more sites to participate across the United States.

In fact, your donation to the See, Test and Treat program strengthens the impact of the Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award by providing the Foundation with the opportunity to enhance a program beyond its core services.

I hope all of you will join me in making your generous annual gift to the Foundation by December 31, 2011. Together we can help pathologists bring healthcare services to people in the greatest need across the country.

On behalf of the CAP Foundation Board, and all who serve the CAP and the CAP Foundation, I extend my sincere thanks to all of you who so generously support our efforts.



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