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  Leadership Development Award *





Updated January 22, 2009

* Previously named Young Leader Award; name change effective December, 2006.

Deadline for Award – February 1

About the Award
The purpose of the award is leadership development. The objective is to further the medical education of recipients by exposing them to issues confronting medicine generally and pathology in particular, as well as to assist awardees in developing leadership skills that can be exercised at the hospital, local, state, and national levels.

The funding opportunity is for up to two or more pathology residents or those doing fellowships to attend up to two Residents Forum Meetings. Expenses will be reimbursed up to $1,000 for travel, lodging, and meals for each meals.

Award recipients will have the opportunity to participate in policy-making within the Residents Forum and, if desired, run for an office on the Residents Forum Executive Committee.

A mentor assigned to the award recipient(s) will assist with selection of appropriate educational seminars, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide further explanation of medical issues as presented to the forum.

Applications will be accepted from residents and residents doing fellowships who are in a general pathology training program. Applicants must have a CAP Junior Member* status or an application pending.

Fulfillment of the award may be completed as long as the awardee maintains his/her CAP Junior Membership status. Awardee who have a CAP member status change (e.g. convert to Fellow status), will be ineligible to complete any unfilled portion of the award.

Application Guidelines
Applications must include:

  • An essay of 500 to 750 words or less describing the applicant’s interest in, and need for, the CAP Foundation Leadership Development Award, including the applicant’s interest in national health care policy issues that may impact the provision of pathology services to patients. List examples of leadership outside of pathology currently held or held in the past. Describe your leadership aspirations, leadership strengths and weaknesses, and unique qualities you believe you would bring to the Leadership Development Award program.
  • A letter of recommendation from a medical educator who is familiar with the applicant’s potential for developing leadership skills or who has observed the applicant in a leadership role.
  • A letter of recommendation from your program director and his/her signature verifying enrollment in an approved pathology residency training program and approving attendance at meeting.
  • Completed application form and curriculum vitae.
Please use attached revised application.
(PDF, 66 KB or Word, 249 KB)

Selection Process
Selection of recipients will be based on the Foundation’s assessment of:

  • The applicant’s potential leadership qualities,
  • the applicant’s interest in national health care policy issues that may impact the provision of pathology services to patients, and
  • the applicant’s need.

Those chosen will have participated in or expressed a desire to participate in shaping of policies in health care as they affect pathology and medicine, in general.

It is expected that the recipient’s own institution will support the resident’s or fellow’s attendance by authorizing permission to attend.

At the conclusion of the conference, the award recipient(s) will be asked to complete an evaluation form about the experience. Recipients will be asked to share their experiences in writing with others.

Submit applications to:

CAP Foundation
Leadership Development Award
College of American Pathologists
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, Illinois 60093-2750

For more information about the CAP Foundation Leadership Development Award, please call the CAP Foundation at 800-323-4040 ext. 7324 (in Illinois, 847-832-7324), or send an e-mail to


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