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Updated September 23, 2005

The LMIP Program offers an effective tool for your organization’s fiscal management. Utilizing essential management ratios that extend beyond the traditional views of laboratory productivity and staffing, CAP LINKS graphs and reports summarize findings and focus on critical factors affecting the uniformity and efficiency across all of your laboratory sites. Understanding the financial factors that drive organizational processes enhances your confidence in the management decisions you make. Ultimately, these decisions will guide your organization in delivering superior patient care.

CAP LINKS consolidated data provides information on how the individual laboratory performs within its closest peer group (fingerprint methodology), as well as against other laboratories within your system.

With CAP LINKS you can:

  • Compare financial and productivity performance across your laboratory sites
  • Monitor effectiveness of implemented changes such as system-wide standardization of equipment
  • Develop annual budgets and contracts and justify staffing levels
  • Define the laboratory financial viability and its contribution to the organization

View sample reports and graphs.


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