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  CAP LINKS for Surveys and Excel





Updated September 23, 2005

The CAP Surveys and Anatomic Pathology Education/EXCEL Programs are the largest laboratory peer comparison program in the world. The programs allow laboratories to regularly evaluate their performance and improve the accuracy of the patient results they provide. Through this program, the CAP provides individual laboratories with unknown specimens for testing. The participants analyze the specimens and return the results to the CAP for evaluation. In turn, each participating laboratory receives a report of their performance as well as a report summarizing the results of all participating laboratories.

CAP LINKS summarizes PT and interlaboratory comparison information in a variety of ways to demonstrate system-wide, individual laboratory, subspecialty, and analyte performance. The reports and graphs also help you track results over time and identify problem areas that need your immediate attention.

With CAP LINKS you can:

  • Identify analyte or subspecialty performance issues for each laboratory site
  • Monitor standardization of testing methods and procedures across your laboratory sites
  • Track system-wide performance over time
  • Highlight outstanding performance to your clinicians and administration, and to your patients

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