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  For 2010 election, petitions due June 27


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January 2010
Feature Story

CAP fellows will choose four governors in an election to take place this summer.

Two incumbent governors, Richard C. Friedberg, MD, PhD, and Paul N. Valenstein, MD, are eligible for reelection to a three-year term. Robert L. Breckenridge, MD, MBA, and Morton H. Levitt, MD, have served two three-year terms and are not eligible for reelection.

Fellows can be placed in nomination for these positions by the Nominating Committee or through the submission of petitions signed by at least 100 CAP fellows who are eligible to vote. For petition forms, contact Shannon Peterson at the CAP (847-832-7393). The deadline for nomination by petition is June 27.

The Nominating Committee will meet this spring to interview candidates for office. Members of the 2010 CAP Nominating Committee are Charles L. Abbott, MD, chair; Michael S. Brown, MD; Kevin B. Dole, MD; Bharati Suketu Jhaveri, MD; Kathryn Teresa Knight, MD; Elizabeth A. Wagar, MD; and Thomas M. Wheeler, MD.