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January 2010
PAP/NGC Programs Review

Nicole E. Thomas, MPH, CT(ASCP)
Barbara Blond, MBA, MT(ASCP)

The CAP offers proficiency testing for human papillomavirus through the Human Papillomavirus (High-Risk) Survey for Cytopathology and Other Laboratories. The CHPV Survey meets CLIA ’88 requirements for laboratories using molecular testing for high-risk HPV detection. Labs that perform molecular testing for HPV but do not participate in a general virology proficiency test are required to participate annually in three events, each consisting of five challenges.

The CHPV Survey is the only HPV proficiency test in the United States that is specific to transport media type. The Survey requires participants to process the samples through preanalytic, analytic, and postanalytic testing steps, simulating normal testing procedures and ensuring the accuracy of the results. Like other CAP Surveys, a participant summary report showing how laboratories performed is included after each shipment.

Participants can select from Digene, ThinPrep PreservCyt, or SurePath transport media modules. CHPVJ includes five samples (15 annually) of each transport media type over the course of the year. CHPVJ is for labs that receive all three patient sample types since PT results are required for all 15 samples. Labs can satisfy the PT requirement by enrolling in one module.

Media used in laboratory

Module to order

Digene transport medium


SurePath transport medium


Cytyc Preservcyt medium


Digene, SurePath, and/or Cytyc media

CHPVJ-vials of each medium type
in every event

The first mailing, CHPV-A, will be shipped on March 29. To enroll in the CHPV Survey, contact CAP customer service at 800-323-4040.

Nicole Thomas is a CAP cytotechnology technical specialist. Barbara Blond is CAP manager, Surveys.