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  Secretary-treasurer, governors to be elected


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January 2012
Feature Story

In an election to take place this summer, CAP fellows will choose a secretary-treasurer and four governors.

Incumbent secretary-treasurer Paul N. Valenstein, MD, is serving by appointment and is eligible to run for election to the secretary-treasurer position. Two incumbent governors, George F. Kwass, MD, and R. Bruce Williams, MD, are eligible for reelection to a three-year term to the Board of Governors.

M. Elizabeth H. Hammond, MD, and Gail Habegger Vance, MD, have each served two three-year terms and are not eligible for reelection.

Fellows can be placed in nomination for these positions by the Nominating Committee or by submitted petition signed by at least 100 CAP fellows who are eligible to vote. To request petition forms, contact Tari McDermand at 847-832-7260 or June 10 is the deadline for nomination by petition.

The CAP Nominating Committee will meet this spring to interview candidates for office. Members of the 2012 Nominating Committee are Louis D. Wright Jr., MD, chair; Noel Anderson Brownlee, MD, PhD; Yvonne Hearn, MD; Joseph D. Khoury, MD; Raouf E. Nakhleh, MD; Rene Rone, MD; and Neena S. Singh, MD.

A Board Qualities Matrix, or BQM, tool is used every year to aid in identifying, attracting, and nominating individuals who strategically complement future CAP Boards. This entails assessing the characteristics the CAP Board possesses as a whole, comparing those characteristics to targets identified for an “ideal” CAP Board, and performing a gap analysis. Members of the Nominating Committee use the BQM and analysis information as a guide in assessing election candidates.

To complement the current Board membership, the 2012 Nominating Committee will look for the following in its member candidates:

  • Ambassador and visionary qualities needed to articulate the CAP’s vision and drive long-range strategic planning.
  • Business skills in financial management, quality assurance/improvement programs, and strategic planning.
  • Contacts in government/political circles, international/global arena, media communications, and technology.
  • Medical industry knowledge.
  • In-depth knowledge of new technologies.
  • Age under 55 years, female gender, diverse cultural background.
  • Practice locations distributed across the country, especially in the western United States.