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  EMR functionality checklist


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April 2010

EMR workflow functions

  • Can an electronic order be sent to the lab or to an outreach product, and can the EMR receive results electronically from the lab?
  • Is ordering easy for the physician to use? If it’s installed, is it being used?
  • Is medical necessity being checked when the physician places the order?
  • Is lab-specific ask-at-order-entry support available?
  • Can lab-specific requisitions be printed?
  • Can the EMR support orders to multiple labs (for large physician office practices)?
  • Must physicians specify a specific lab when ordering a test or can the EMR route the order to the correct lab without physician input (for large physician office practices)?

EMR set-up functions

  • Is the setup automated? Is it derived from the lab’s utilization report and directory of services?
  • Are order and result codes easy to set up and maintain?

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