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  New AMA rule for CME


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June 2011
Feature Story

The American Medical Association will require, beginning July 1, all enduring material continuing medical education qualifying for AMA PRA category 1 CME credit to have a scored assessment that all participants must pass before claiming CME credit.

CAP Education has added assessments to its PRA category 1 CME qualifying education programs to comply with this new requirement. It offers participants up to three attempts to pass.

The new requirement applies to all enduring educational materials, such as print and online programs. It applies only to education programs released after July 1; it is not retroactive to completed programs or those in progress that are released before July 1.

CAP Education has placed a notice on the registration page of each education course subject to this change, as well as on the information page of each program subject to the requirement.

Information about AMA PRA category 1 credit and requirements is online at CAP members can call the CAP at
800-323-4040, option 1.