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  SurePath media challenges to be reformulated


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August 2009
Cytopathology Programs Review

A summary of first-year results from the CAP Human Papillomavirus (High-Risk) Survey for Cytopathology and Other Laboratories (CHPV) was reported in the May 2009 issue of CAP TODAY. After the first year, the CAP became aware of performance problems with the CHPV SurePath media samples when used with the ThirdWave/Hologic HPV DNA assay. As a result of these problems, the early results of these Survey challenges as reported previously may not accurately reflect performance of the clinical assay in the laboratory. The first-year results of these challenges will be rescored as “ungraded.” Laboratories using the SurePath module will still meet CLIA requirements for enrollment in a proficiency testing program. The CAP is working with its vendor to reformulate the SurePath media challenges for this Survey.

Joel S. Bentz, MD

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