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  Wanted: nongynecologic slides from participating labs


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August 2011
Cytopathology And More

Larry Flennoy
Barbara Blond, MBA

The CAP nongynecologic cytopathology and Fine-Needle Aspiration Glass Slide Education programs now accept slide submissions from participating laboratories. The slides are subject to review by three cytopathologists, and the College provides reimbursement for the administrative work required to prepare slides that are accepted into the program. Slides not accepted into the program can be returned if the donor so wishes, and accepted slides can be tracked should the laboratory need to have a specific case returned.

Slides that are broken, faded or dry, cracked, chipped, or repaired, or that contain air bubbles or have plastic or liquid coverslips, cannot be accepted.

Reimbursement is issued after members of the Cytopathology Committee review the slides and accept them into the program. Some laboratories use the reimbursement the CAP provides for staff education or for National Medical Laboratory Week programs.

The reimbursement rate for the administrative preparation of slides is as follows:

  • Single slide for one case: $10.
  • Single slide plus image(s): $20.
  • Multiple slides (pair): $20.
  • Multiple slides plus images: $30.
  • Each additional slide made from the same case with the same stain: $5.
  • Images are reimbursed only one time per case but must be part of a case.
  • Multiple differently stained slides (at least a pair) for one case: $20 per set. Examples: Giemsa and cell block, LBP and cell block, Pap and cell block, Pap and cytospin/LBP, Pap and Giemsa, and Pap-Giemsa-cell block.
  • Multiple differently stained slides (at least a pair) and images of ancillary stains and reports for one case (first pair in series): $30 per set.

Contact Andy Hartley ( or Larry Flennoy ( for more information or to request that a slide submission form and slide shipping materials be mailed to you. Slide submission forms are online at on the Cytopathology Topic Center page.

Larry Flennoy is an operations specialist and Barbara Blond is a technical manager, CAP Surveys, Northfield, Ill.