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September 2009
Feature Story

The CAP took the cancer protocols one step further this year by releasing an XML version for electronic reporting. Known as CAP eCC, or CAP electronic cancer checklists, the electronic format was developed by the CAP’s Diagnostic Intelligence and Health Information Technology department, which will release an update later this year.

The CAP eCC format is platform-independent and allows structured data elements of the protocols to be used in a logical workflow in various laboratory information system products. XML is an open standard that has been adopted broadly in the health industry and is endorsed by the main standards organizations, including HL7, IHE, and IHTSDO. Structured data collection coupled with standardized terminology, such as SNOMED CT, permits interoperability in cancer reporting and sharing of data with many end users such as cancer registrars.

“The CAP eCC is one of the key areas of interest of DIHIT, and we’re certainly looking forward to the day when all LIS vendors incorporate the checklists electronically,” Dr. Washington says. “Having the checklists available electronically will facilitate data entry and incorporation into pathology reports, and it will make it easy to extract data.”

—Anne Paxton

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