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  Top eight deficiencies in workload reporting


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October 2010
Feature Story

In the experience of Dr. Robert Bredt, cytology laboratories subject to CAP inspection, when they are cited for deficiencies in workload reporting, are generally guilty of one of the following, roughly in order of frequency:

  1. Not keeping track of pathologist workloads for tasks requiring workload recording.
  2. Not prorating slides screened by cytotechnologists or pathologists screening for less than eight hours.
  3. Not having a method to record slides screened at another lab on the same day they are screening in the inspected lab.
  4. Not performing six-month evaluations to set workload limits for cytotechnologists.
  5. Not having a documented method to evaluate performance for No. 4 above.
  6. Not having an adequate way to record field of view (FOV) slides separately from full manual review (FMR) slides.
  7. Not accurately reviewing workload documents to catch cytotechnologists or pathologists who mistakenly occasionally go over the screening limits.
  8. Not always adhering to reduced screening rates for those who have been set to a lower rate during the every-six-months evaluation.

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