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  Annual lineup of lab information systems


CAP Today




November 2009

In the market for an LIS? Perhaps a system in this year’s product guide will serve you best.

In CAP TODAY’s 2009 listing of commercially available laboratory information systems are profiles of 34 products from 31 companies.

We tell you if the systems are de­signed for low- or high-volume sites, the number of sites operating the system, the types of sites installed, whether the company has installed the system at a site in the past year, whether the product was previously marketed under another name or by a different vendor, what features and functionality each system embodies, and much more.

The data presented for each company are based on vendors’ responses to a questionnaire. We encourage anyone interested in purchasing an LIS to verify the validity of the information presented, particularly a company’s claims of offering innovative features in which your laboratory is interested. You should also seek additional information from companies that make general or vague statements about their products.

Ask vendors of interest for a complete list of contracts or installed sites with which to verify that the com­pany is actively marketing the product and has as much market share as it claims. Speaking with a vendor’s customers will provide insight that cannot be gained from reviewing a list of functionality.


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