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Updated November 7, 2013

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Abbott is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics and offers a broad range of innovative instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, molecular labs, blood banks, physician offices, and clinics. With more than 22,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Abbott’s diagnostic products offer customers automation, convenience, bedside testing, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Abbott has helped transform the practice of medical diagnosis from an art to a science through the company’s commitment to improving patient care and lowering costs.
ABX Diagnostics is emerging as the hematology leader producing the smallest and most affordable instruments equipped with innovative features for unsurpassed reliability. Relying on measurement technology utilizing cytochemistry, focused flow impedance and light absorbance. ABX offers hematology AND data management solutions suitable for the private practice physician into the acute hospital market.
Accumetrics is committed to providing industry-leading diagnostic tests to assess response to every major type of antiplatelet therapy, including aspirin, P2Y12 inhibitors (Plavix® and Effient®) and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors (e.g. ReoPro® and Integrilin®). The VerifyNow® System provides physicians with a rapid, easy and valuable tool to help make informed treatment decisions.
Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies’ market-leading Genomics Division provides application-focused solutions that include instruments, software, consumables, and services, in more than 100 countries. Agilent is a trusted source for all your Microarray, and Next Generation Sequencing target enrichment needs—SurePrint Microarrays, SureSelect Target Enrichment, and HaloPlex Target Enrichment.
Alere Inc.
By developing new capabilities in near-patient diagnosis, monitoring and health management, Alere Inc. (formerly Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc.) enables individuals to take charge of improving their health and quality of life. Alere’s global leading products and services, as well as its new product development efforts, focus on autoimmune, enteric and infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, drugs of abuse and women’s health. For more information about Alere, please visit
Antek HealthWare
Antek HealthWare provides LabDAQ , the most popular laboratory information system with 1400+ installations in hospitals, reference labs and POLs. LabDAQ is flexible, to meet the needs of small practices or large multi-site facilities. It includes tools for regulatory compliance and medical necessity and can be interfaced to other system and major reference labs.
AP Easy™
AP Easy(TM) is an anatomic pathology information management system from Small Business Computers of New England, Inc. (SBCNE). SBCNE has over 95 customers using a "customized for their lab" database solution that is multi-user and runs with Windows 95/98/NT and Mac OS. It is a low cost solution for the 1-20 workstation laboratory.

Aperio Technologies
Aperio is digitizing pathology. We provide systems and services for digital pathology, which is a digital environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information that originates with a digital slide. Aperio’s award-winning ScanScope slide scanning systems and Spectrum™ digital pathology information management software improve the efficiency and quality of pathology services for pathologists and other professionals.


Applied Spectral Imaging
Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) makes patient care better through advanced biomedical imaging. The GenASIs Automated Imaging Platforms for Genetic and Pathological Analysis are the foundation of ASI’s offering. With superior imaging and analysis capabilities, ASI provides state of the art diagnostic aids, offering cytogeneticists and pathologists accurate analysis.

ASI is the industry’s leading microscopy imaging solution provider since 1993, with over 30 registered patents in the US, Europe and Japan and over 2,500 systems deployed worldwide. With worldwide offices in the US, Europe and Asia, ASI has built a global network of over 50 distributors.

ARUP Laboratories
ARUP Laboratories is a national full-service reference laboratory owned by the University of Utah. ARUP offers over 2,000 tests and test combinations, ranging from routine cytology screens to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays. ARUP's Anatomic Pathology division consists of over 35 expert pathologists who offer a full range of consultative and diagnostic services.
Audit MicroControls
AUDIT MicroControls specializes in Calibration Verification/Linearity material and unique, as well as general chemistry, quality control products. AUDIT now offers the laboratory MicroCV™, the most complete line of Calibration Verification material designed to meet CLIA compliance. Accessible via, the AUDITOR™ QC Program assists with data reduction of calibration verification and quality control data.
From laboratory to point-of-care testing, Axis-Shield strives to meet current and future healthcare needs through the development of innovative in vitro diagnostic products. Focussing on the therapeutic areas of: cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, autoimmune disease, alcohol-related disease, diabetes and infectious diseases, Axis-Shield has already delivered leading assays for homocysteine, HoloTC and %CDT.
Beckman Coulter
Beckman Coulter is a leading provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate laboratory processes in life science and clinical laboratories. The company's products are used throughout the world in all phases of the battle against disease, from pioneering medical research and drug discovery to diagnostic testing that aids in patient treatment.
BD Biosciences
BD Biosciences is one of the world’s leading businesses focused on bringing innovative research and clinical tools to life scientists and clinicians. Principal product lines include fluorescence activated cell sorters and analyzers; cell imaging systems; monoclonal antibodies and kits; reagent systems for life sciences research; tools to aid in drug discovery and growth of tissue and cells; and diagnostic assays.
Biocare Medical
BIOCARE MEDICAL is a unique manufacturer and supplier of immunohistochemical and histopathology products, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and automated staining equipment. Biocare is the market leader in multiplex stain IHC detection, and antibody cocktail development. We are continually researching the most innovative and cost-effective diagnostic solutions and state-of-the-art equipment.
Biomedical Polymers
Biomedical Polymers, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostic laboratories. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We offer a wide selection of products sold through the world's premier laboratory distributors including bakers and stackable cups, specimen collection containers, centrifuge ware tissue grinders, cytology funnels, as well as scoops and spoons.
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Bio-Rad provides a full range of instrumentation, reagent kits, software and quality control systems to clinical laboratories. It has expertise in the areas of autoimmune, infectious disease, diabetes monitoring, hemoglobin screening and quality control. Bio-Rad products are designed to help the laboratory deliver the highest quality clinical results while controlling costs and streamlining workflow.
BloodCenter of Wisconsin
BloodCenter of Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories is a well-established reference laboratory providing esoteric testing to physicians and hospitals nationwide. Turn to us for diagnostic information and expert consultation in the areas of bleeding disorders, thrombosis, immunohematology, transplantation and molecular diagnostics.
CellaVision develops systems for medical microscopic analysis. DiffMaster™ and MICRO21®, locates, identifies and pre-classifies blood cells by means of automatic microscopy and advanced image processing. The benefits are increased productivity, less hands-on time, improved standardization and efficient cross-training possibilities. CellAtlas™,, is an Internet based reference library of leukocytes, with applications for education and proficiency training.

Cervista™ HPV HR, a 14-type High Risk Human Papillomavirus screening test, represents the next generation in HPV DNA testing and provides your lab new levels of efficiency, clinical accuracy and responsiveness.
Cervista™ HPV 16/18, the first FDA approved Human Papillomavirus genotyping test, identifies the two most highly oncogenic and persistent high-risk HPV types known to cause high-grade cervical neoplasia and is indicated for adjunctive use with the Cervista™ HPV HR Test.

Cepheid develops, manufactures and markets fully integrated systems for genetic analysis in the clinical genetic assessment, life sciences and biothreat detection markets. Our SmartCycler® and GeneXpert® systems can perform extremely rapid and sophisticated analysis of organisms by automating what had previously been highly complex and time-consuming manual laboratory procedures.
Clarient provides advanced technologies and services for the characterization, assessment and treatment of cancer, leading to accurate diagnoses by pathologists, confident treatment decisions by oncologists, efficient ways to identify and develop pharmaceuticals and better outcomes for patients. Clarient develops Automated Cellular Imaging Systems® (ACIS) for digital imaging and assessment.
Computer Service & Support, Inc. Laboratory Information Systems is an information solutions provider to reference, physician group practice and esoteric laboratories. Established in 1980 as a consulting firm specializing in the health care industry, CSS has evolved into a forward thinking, price-conscious and service driven software company.
Copan Diagnostics
With a reputation for innovation in preanalytics, Copan Diagnostics is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. Copan has a complete range of microbial sampling products, a variety of inoculation loops, needles, spreaders and transfer pipettes, and innovations, like Flocked Swabs, Universal Transport Medium, and eSwab.
Corgenix, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostic products for vascular and autoimmune disorders. These products include ELISA kits for the detection of Antiphospholipid Syndrome including anti-Cardiolipin, anti-Phosphatidylserine, anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein I and anti-Prothrombin; and tests for certain bleeding and clotting disorders such as Protein C, Protein S and von Willebrand Factor Antigen ELISA kits.
CSI Laboratories
CSI Laboratories is a specialized cancer diagnostics laboratory focused specifically on meeting the unique needs and challenges of pathologists. Independently owned and operated by medical professionals, CSI has provided reliable and expert diagnostics testing to pathologists across the U.S. since 1997.
Dako, based in Denmark, is a global leader in tissue-based cancer diagnostics. Hospital and research laboratories worldwide use Dako&38217;s reagents, instruments, software and expertise to make precise diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Dako, with 1,100 employees, operates in more than 100 countries. Dako became part of Agilent Technologies on June 21, 2012.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. The company’s 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $6.6 billion in fiscal 2011.
Data Innovations
Data Innovations, Inc. is the world's leading provider of medical instrument interface solutions to instrument manufacturers, automation vendors, information system vendors, hospital laboratories, quality control materials vendors, and more. imEXPRESS makes interfacing instruments simple, and Instrument Manager adds a complete set of data management capabilities.
Dawning Technologies, Inc.
Dawning Technologies, Inc. is revolutionizing the clinical laboratory with our newest generation of interface solutions. The JavaLin/300 provides one-step HL7 and ASTM connections between instruments or other devices in the healthcare enterprise and information systems. It provides complete message mapping control and On-Board rules capability. Our JResultNet Interface Engine Software manages multiple analyzer and host connections, supports multiple SQL databases, and offers a number of optional plugin extensions. JResultNet is embedded in the JavaLin and can optionally run on a PC or directly on an LIS server. Please visit our website to view our complete line of interface solutions.
Diamedix' integrated instrument and reagent systems are ideally suited for autoimmune and infectious disease detection. Diamedix' immunosimplicity® test kits are designed for today's clinical laboratory and may be used on our MAGO® Plus Automated EIA Analyzer or performed manually using simple, standard EIA methodology. Diamedix is a wholly owned subsidiary of IVAX Diagnostics.
DiaSorin, Inc. manufactures immunodiagnostics, including integrated reagent and instrumentation systems.
eBioscience manufactures a full spectrum of cellular analysis reagents in ISO-certified facilities worldwide that accelerate scientific discovery in the areas of immunology and oncology. As a provider of more than 11,000 antibodies, recombinant proteins, immunoassays and multiplex assays, we empower researchers and clinicians to obtain exceptional results in the areas of innovation, quality and value.
Elekta Impac Software provides oncology IT solutions that streamline clinical and administrative operations to help improve the process of delivering patient care. The company’s laboratory information management system for anatomic pathology, PowerPath, streamlines workflow and daily operations for laboratories offering surgical pathology, cytology, dermatopathology, and autopsy services. With more than 450 installations worldwide, PowerPath offers unmatched performance in managing anatomic pathology laboratories in hospitals, medical centers, reference labs and academic facilities.
EPICENTRE, founded in 1987, is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality molecular biology products for life science research, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Products are available for transposon-based genetic analysis, DNA and RNA purification, DNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR amplification, DNA and RNA modifying enzymes, genomic cloning, in vitro transcription, and protein research.
Rabbit Monoclonals for Anatomic Pathology: Epitomics’ EP Clones are a line of high quality antibodies for anatomic pathology. Each antibody is generated using Epitomics’ patented Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody (RabMAb(r)) technology. We now have over 150 antibodies in 16 different panels from Breast Cancer to Stem Cell including: c-Myc, Cyclin D1, MSH6.
For over 60 years, Eppendorf® has been offering a wide range of laboratory products and services to the clinical market. For general research, routine testing, and applications, we have a complete line of microcentrifuges, multipurpose centrifuges and liquid handling instruments and consumables, including the new PhysioCare Concept pipettes.
ESA Biosciences
ESA Biosciences - Improving outcomes from discovery to diagnostics is our commitment to customers. Our new FDA-cleared Vitamin D HPLC Test is a reliable, accurate and cost-effective alternative to existing methods, and the way to regain control of assay quality and spiraling send-out costs. This Vitamin D Test, including standards, quantitates both OH-D2 and OH-D3 to determine the total Vitamin D. We are the resource for the proven Coulochem® and CoulArray® detectors and FDA-cleared test kits such as urine and plasma metanephrines. The LeadCare® II CLIA-waived point-of-care blood-lead-testing device delivers quantitative results, allowing clinicians to make better, faster clinical decisions and improve health outcomes. (A subsidiary of Magellan Biosciences, Inc.)
Evergreen Scientific
Evergreen Scientific designs and manufactures disposable plastic laboratory supplies for clinical and life science laboratories. We have a long history of producing innovative lab aids such as SLIDE SETTE SAVER for mailing and archiving pathology slide and paraffin block, FPC family of parasite concentrators, moisture chambers for immunostaining, Pap-Fix Plus brand pap jars for preserving and transporting pap smears slides and unique designs of CRYOSURE brand of cryogenic vials for tumor tissues.
Fertility Solutions
Fertility Solutions, Inc., manufactures and distributes quality control and educational materials for semen analysis. We offer a complete quality solution for your laboratory's needs. Our products include the AQC™ family of quality controls for Count, Morphology, Viability, ASA, Post Vasectomy, Motility and Round Cell; A full line of Proficiency Tests, and a unique line of training materials including The Andrology Trainer™, Sperm Confirm™ Morphology Atlas, Semen Analysis Video Training Reference, and the Sperm Wizard™ Morphology Training Program. Contact us for a free wall chart at!, is the web site of Molecular Diagnostics Consultants, a designated FISH lab who partners with pathology groups to perform FISH on a PC/TC basis. The test menu includes FISH for solid tumors HER2, TOP2, EGFR and C-MYC. FISH for hematology panels MDS, ALL, CLL, AML, CML, MM AND Lymphomas.
Focus Diagnostics
Focus Diagnostics, Inc. is a diagnostic products company that manufactures and distributes molecular and immunology products worldwide. A 2009 partnership with 3M introduced the Integrated Cycler and the SimplexaTM Real-Time PCR assays. Focus Diagnostics’ other products include HerpeSelect® HSV serology, West Nile Virus DxSelect and a family of DxSelect ELISA and IFA test kits.
GenMark Diagnostics is a leading provider of automated, multiplex molecular diagnostic testing systems that detect and measure DNA and RNA targets to diagnose disease and optimize patient treatment. Utilizing GenMark’s proprietary eSensor® detection technology, GenMark’s eSensor® XT-8 system is designed to support a broad range of molecular diagnostic tests with a compact, easy-to-use workstation and self-contained, disposable test cartridges. GenMark currently markets four tests that are FDA cleared for IVD use: Respiratory Viral Panel, Cystic Fibrosis Genotyping Test, Warfarin Sensitivity Test and Thrombophilia Risk Test. A number of other tests, including HCV Genotyping and 2C19 are in development. For more information, visit
GEN-PROBE currently markets several product lines, including the PACE® system, the GEN-PROBE® AMPLIFIEDTM Direct tests, and the AccuProbe® system. Gen-Probe products continue to set the standard for DNA technology in the diagnostic industry, with assays for sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia and gonorrhea), microbial infectious diseases and culture identification.
Genomic Health is an oncology services company which specializes in individual genomic analyses of tumor biopsies. Genomic Health has developed a clinically validated assay, Oncotype DX, which quantifies the likelihood of distant recurrence for women with early stage breast cancer. Genomic Health is also developing validated services to provide individual guidance about responsiveness to therapy.
HELMER is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for the life science, clinical and blood bank communities. Products include Refrigerators, Freezers, Platelet Storage, Plasma Thawing and Cell Washing Systems, and a full line of Centrifuges.
LAB/HEX is a powerful, comprehensive LIS with capabilities to handle all of your computing needs. Integrated modules offered include Remote Functions, Microbiology, Cytology, Pathology, Billing and Accounts Receivable, Electronic Billing and Remittance, Instrument Interfaces, System Interfaces, Custom Reports, Veterinary Normals, Medical Necessity, Internet Access and MORE! Linux version now available.
Horizon Discovery Limited
Horizon Discovery Limited is a leading provider of research tools to support translational genomics research and the development of personalized medicines. The Company uses an industry-leading, hi-fidelity, proprietary rAAV gene-editing technology (GENESIS™). Using GENESIS™, Horizon is able to alter any endogenous gene sequence of a human or mammalian cell line quickly, reliably and without introducing unwanted and confounding genotypes and/or phenotypes.
Idaho Technology Inc.
Idaho Technology Inc. is home to the fastest, highest-quality machines in the world for pathogen identification and DNA analysis; including DNA amplification, real-time PCR, Hi-Res Melting®, mutation detection, user-friendly multiplex PCR, and genotyping. Idaho Technology makes great strides to ensure that its products remain on the cutting edge of innovation.
In a world where physicians increasingly see the EHR as their “clinical cockpit,” EMR-Link from Ignis Systems helps make your lab more competitive with a provider-centric order and result workflow that physicians love. With proven integration to all the leading EHRs, EMR-Link’s web-hosted technology and rapid implementation help labs simplify outreach and respond proactively to the rising tide of EHR adoption, making it easy to comply with requirements for EHR integration, patient-friendly results and HIE participation.
Illumina enables discovery by providing gene expression and genotyping solutions for parallel analysis of many samples – at multiplex levels that deliver more data at lower costs. Our solutions integrate BeadArray™ technology, microarray platforms and powerful assay protocols along with Oligator® oligonucleotides to make possible a new scale of biological research.
Leading the development and manufacturing of Critical Care and Hemostasis diagnostic systems worldwide, IL offers the GEM® Premier 3000 critical care analyzer with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM). iQM, an automated quality assurance system, replaces the use of conventional QC. Other products: GEM®OPL™ CO-Oximeter, GEM®PCL Plus coagulation analyzer and GEMweb and IMPACT.
Immucor, Inc. is a leading supplier of transfusion diagnostics products including blood bank reagents and automating testing systems. Their full line of blood bank automation is designed to meet the needs of small, medium, or large volume patient or donor testing laboratories.
Immunodiagnostic Systems
Immunodiagnostic Systems Inc offers test kits which are used to diagnosis and manage medical conditions associated with bone metabolism and growth abnormalities. Kit formats are RIA and EIA. EIA kits can be performed manually or aboard open microplate analyzers. Kits include vitamin D, PTH, PINP, BAP and IGF-I.
The InPlex® CF Molecular Test is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) for identifying genetic mutations associated with cystic fibrosis. InPlex® CF combines outstanding repeat rates and reproducibility with the lowest startup costs, lowest hands-on time, and fastest time to results available.
Kamiya Biomedical
Kamiya Biomedical Company features its K-ASSAY brand of in vitro diagnostic reagents, which offer the best performance and lowest price of any comparable reagents on the market. The K-ASSAY reagents are for use on most open-channel chemistry analyzers. K-ASSAY reagents are available for lipid assessment, coagulation, diabetes/stroke, inflammation, nutritional assessment, cardiac assessment, anemia, and allergy testing.
LAB-InterLink unites patented automation technology with powerful process control software to provide leading-edge automation solutions to principal hospitals and medical centers throughout North America and Europe. LAB-InterLink acquired Labotix Automation, Inc. in 2000, uniting LAB-InterLink intelligent software with Labotix hardware expertise to produce the most advanced suite of clinical laboratory automation system products available today.
With Leica Microsystems’ new Biosystems Division, you now have a single source for histology—from tissue cassettes to microtomes to IHC automation to Novocastra™ antibodies and reagents. For each individual histology step, there is a product to provide you with years of dependable service and high-quality results. For your entire histology laboratory, there is an integrated workflow ready to cut turnaround times and optimize productivity.
Of course, you need more than quality products. That’s why Leica Microsystems also delivers the services you need. Whether it’s a routine maintenance call, a request for IHC applications support, or advice on products for Lean workflows: Leica Microsystems is the one partner you need to call.
MarketLab is your headquarters for "Unique and Hard-to-Find" Laboratory Products!
Medical Automation Systems (MAS), founded in 1994, is the leader data management solutions for point-of-care testing (POCT The introduction of RALS-Plus™, a single system, vendor neutral, interface that enables point-of-care coordinators to manage results from virtually any remote instrument, marks another industry first for the company.
Medical Chemical Corporation
Medical Chemical Corporation is excited to present “Total-Fix” - a patent pending fixative for ova and parasites. Total-Fix contains: NO Mercury, No Formaldehyde and NO PVA. Permanent staining, concentration, and the following assays for Giardia and Cryptosporidium are compatible with Total-Fix preserved specimens: DFA, Micro-well and Lateral Flow (rapid card test).
Meridian Bioscience
Meridian Bioscience, a fully integrated life science company, manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits, purified reagents and related products.
These products provide speed, simplicity and accuracy to aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal, viral, urinary and respiratory infections. Meridian diagnostic products are used outside of the human body and require little or no special equipment.
Milestone Medical
Milestone Medical line of innovative histoprocessing instrumentation and accessories gives you same day results for same day diagnosis. We decrease turnaround times, reduce bottlenecks, eliminate the need for hazardous reagents, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our microwave accelerated histoprocessing labstations, EM sample preparation, digital imaging systems, and our line of “green chemistry” reagents.
Mopec, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of Pathology, Histology and Morgue Equipment including Grossing Stations, Tissue Processors, Slide Stainers, Embedding Centers, Fume Handling Systems, Morgue Refrigerators and many accessories.
Nikon meets a broad scope of laboratory needs with microscopes built to withstand the rigors of constant use and often not-so-gentle handling. Ideal for teaching laboratories, medical schools and hospitals, offering superior optical quality, ease of use, and a complete range of accessories.
Novovision is the developer of NovoPath, an image-based, web-enabled anatomic pathology software system. NovoPath offers pathologists dramatic improvements in turn-around time of reports and increases productivity and accuracy. Sign up for a demo and get $50.00.
Olympus America Scientific Equipment Group provides innovative microscope imaging solutions for researchers, doctors, clinicians and educators. Olympus microscope systems offer unsurpassed optics, superior construction and system versatility to meet the ever-changing needs of microscopists, paving the way for future advances in life science.
Orchard Software Corporation
Orchard's information systems, used by hundreds of laboratories across the country, utilize process automation, rules-based decision-making, ICD—9 screening, and robust instrument, billing, EMR, and reference lab interfaces to increase productivity. Orchard also offers Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology systems and various outreach solutions for remote order entry and results delivery through the Internet or provider's EMRs.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, delivers high quality in vitro diagnostic products that give health care professionals around the world the knowledge they need to make better treatment decisions sooner. The company serves the global transfusion medicine community with donor screening and blood typing products to help ensure every patient receives blood that’s safe, the right type, and the right unit. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics also brings sophisticated information management, testing technologies, automation and interpretation tools to clinical laboratories worldwide to help them run more efficiently and improve patient care.
Pathwork Diagnostics
The Tissue of Origin Test is the only FDA-cleared, Medicare-approved test of its kind and is an aid to diagnosis in metastatic and poorly differentiated tumors. The test compares expression patterns of 15 common tumor types to those found in the validation database, and reports Similarity Scores for each tissue. Results are interpreted by a pathologist.
Perkin Elmer – Calipers
PerkinElmer is a global leader in developing and marketing solutions for some of the world’s most difficult health concerns. Our advanced imaging platforms bring multi-label analysis to researchers working with tissue sections, and bring digital pathology to small labs as well as to core facilities.
Polymedco is an in vitro diagnostic market leader bringing innovative products to the clinical laboratory. Polymedco's comprehensive product line includes Poly-Chem™ chemistry/immunoassay analyzer; Lipi+Plus® homogeneous HDL and LDL methods and advanced specialty lipids; sedrate products include Sedimat® 15 (automated ESR analyzer), Sediplast® tubes, and Sed-Chek® 2 controls; and chemistry reagents in bulk and dedicated packaging.
Psyche Systems
Psyche Systems delivers products to help laboratories of all sizes and types run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Psyche’s WindoPath® LIS, for clinical, anatomic pathology and molecular labs, and MicroPath® LIS for microbiology labs, along with Outreach and EMR integration, deliver a completely integrated solution for hospitals, private, multi-site and reference labs.
Puritan, the trusted brand since 1919, Puritan Medical Products is North America’s leading manufacturer of single-use quality medical, diagnostic, forensic and critical environment products, specializing in specimen collection. The newest addition to Puritan’s existing line of flock, cotton, polyester and foam applicators are the patents-pending HydraFlock® and PurFlock® Ultra swabs with our unique proprietary fibers for superior collection and release. Visit us today on the web or contact us for free samples.
QIAGEN is the leading provider of molecular sample and assay technologies. We have developed more than 500 consumable products and automated solutions for molecular diagnostics, academic research, pharma and applied testing. QIAGEN’s assay portfolio includes one of the broadest panels of molecular diagnostic tests worldwide, including the most widely used FDA-approved test for human papillomavirus (HPV): the digene HPV Test.
Quantimetrix Corporation
Quantimetrix, a family business since 1974, has been very busy handcrafting world-class laboratory control products and
earned a trusted reputation for superior quality and great customer service. All are liquid ready-to-use controls for urinalysis, general chemistry, specialty chemistry, and whole blood. Our product portfolio includes: Dipper®, Dropper®, Dropper® Plus, QuanTscopics® and Dip & Spin®. Our Lipoprint® System is the only test that measures LDL & HDL subfraction cholesterol and is used in clinical and research laboratories providing useful information in the risk assessment for atherosclerotic disease.
Quidel Corporation
Quidel Corporation enhances the health and well being of people around the globe through the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of rapid diagnostic solutions at the point of care. Their QuickVue® brand tests aid in the diagnosis of influenza, immunochemical fecal occult blood (iFOB), Strep A, pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis, infectious mononucleosis, H. pylori and chlamydia.
Randox has over 20 years experience in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality diagnostic reagents and equipment for laboratory medicine. The Randox portfolio includes Biochip Array Technology, clinical chemistry automation systems, external quality assurance schemes, Internet driven QA systems, quality control materials, clinical reagents and environmental diagnostics. Randox is now firmly implanted as a significant investor in the development of new healthcare technology solutions for research and clinical applications.
The vision of Roche Diagnostics is to continuously improve patient care with innovative, cost-effective, timely and reliable diagnostic systems for the in-vitro diagnostic market, for the patient self-monitoring sector and the research community.
Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc. manufactures Tissue-Tek® and Cyto-Tek® brands, products offering proven reliability for the Clinical Pathology Laboratory. The new Tissue-Tek® Xpress™ Rapid Tissue Processor completely processes up to 120 tissue samples per hour while the new Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC™ instrument fully automates the embedding process using the novel Tissue-Tek® Paraform® sectionable cassette system.
SCANTIBODIES Laboratory is a full service biotechnical company, specializing in the development and manufacture of superior diagnostic assays, raw components, custom kits and research and/or production services. Newest technologies include false positive & negative blocking, (HBR/ELB), Whole PTHTM and CIPTM and PSA /PR Technology.
Schuyler House
Schuyler House provides an inexpensive full-featured Laboratory Information System. SchuyLab runs on Windows PC’s, providing an easy-to-use icon-based program that interfaces with your instruments, monitors QC, compiles worksheets and daily logs, and prints consolidated patient reports. HL7 protocol HIS interfaces, Autofaxing, Medical Necessity, Billing (/Remittance), Full-featured doctor portal (SchuyMed) and Internet (SchuyNet) modules also available.
Separation Technology, Inc.
Separation Technology, Inc. offers advanced centrifugation solutions.  The HemataSTAT™ provides an accurate hematocrit in just 60 quiet seconds.  The portable, CLIA-waived system features a built-in digital reader with a cost per test of only a dime.   The Stat-60™ centrifuge provides plasma/serum separation in just 2 minutes using 2mL – 10mL original collection tubes.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, the leading clinical diagnostics company, is committed to providing clinicians with the vital information they need for the accurate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Our comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven systems, unmatched menu offering and IT solutions, in conjunction with highly responsive service, is designed to streamline workflow, enhance operational efficiency and support improved patient care.
Sigma Diagnostics
Sigma is a source for clinical chemistry, immunoassay and coagulation assays and histo chemistry worldwide.
Soft Computer
SCC Soft Computer provides large hospitals and laboratories with integrated clinical software solutions. SCC's SoftLab LIS software has been recognized as the market standard for robust functionality and ease of instrument interfacing, including robotics. SoftLab’s new generation technology and web-enabled tools allow users to manage high volumes, and multi-site environments; all while improving productivity.
Spiral Biotech Inc
Spiral Biotech Inc. (an Advanced Instruments company) has manufactured and distributed automated microbiology equipment for food, environmental, and clinical industries for over 30 years. Featured systems include spiral platers; colony counters, susceptibility testing equipment, and the Anoxomat™ system, which creates anaerobic environments in a jar. Anoxomat achieves complete and QC checked anaerobiasis in 2 minutes.
Spot Imaging Solutions
Spot Imaging Solutions a Division of Diagnostic Instruments Inc. is a leading manufacturer of digital imaging solutions for scientific applications. Our market focus is on SPOT™ imaging systems for biomedical research and clinical applications. We develop integrated solutions including cameras, software, lenses and illumination, as well as support electronics, hardware, and individual imaging components for addition to existing systems. SPOT systems are recognized for their ease of use, world-class performance, high reliability and excellent customer support. Spot Imaging Solutions has worldwide distribution via direct representatives, dealers, and a corporate webstore to support both end users and original equipment manufacturers
StatSpin offers the world's fastest, quietest and most economical centrifuges for the clinical lab. Systems are available for serum/plasma prep, urine sediments, hematocrits and microscope slide preparation.
Streck manufactures hematology,  chemistry and histology products for the clinical  laboratory.  Recognized worldwide as an innovator of hematology control products, Streck has provided innovative and unique products that not only surpass the expectations of the industry but also make medical care, all over the world, a little better.
Sunquest Information Systems is a leading developer of laboratory information systems including its award winning Sunquest Laboratory. With more than 1,200 customers world-wide, the company provides a full range of services and support to help design and implement solutions that enable quality patient care while improving clinical safety and operational efficiencies
Sysmex is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, including clinical diagnostics, automation and information systems. Serving customers for over 40 years in more than 150 countries, Sysmex focuses on extending the boundaries of diagnostic science while providing the management information tools that make a real difference in clinical and operational results for people worldwide.
Technidata specializes in the distribution of a wide range of proven Middleware solutions for the Clinical & Anatomic Pathology Laboratory. As a solution provider, we recognize that it is not only the quality of products that is important, but also the depth and quality of the associated services.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Lab Vision, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a world leader in automation for the Clinical Laboratory. Complementing the autostainers are Ultravision detection systems and over 1,700 Neomarkers' antibodies. The immunostainers are distinguished by user-friendly software that allows for reagent and protocol flexibility, and data export options, while the detection systems offer highly sensitive, biotin-streptavidin or biotin-free detection options.
Thermo Scientific
The Thermo Scientific brand provides anatomical pathology labs with the broadest portfolio of instrument and consumable solutions from specimen collection and grossing to advanced staining and cover slipping. In today’s lean lab environment, we are at the forefront of innovation with such groundbreaking solutions as cassette and slide labeling and verification that reduce errors and improve workflow efficiency. Labeling and tracking, Grossing, Tissue Processing and Embedding, Primary Staining, Microtomy and Cryotomy, Immunohistochemistry, and Coverslipping and associated consumables are the key product categories offered the anatomical pathology laboratory.
TOSOH Bioscience, Inc.
TOSOH Bioscience, Inc., introduces the new FDA cleared AIA-360 random access immunoassay analyzer. Weighing approximately 61 pounds, the AIA-360 is ideal for small volume hospital labs, PLOs, and cardiac and specialty testing. With a throughput of 36 tests per hour and results under 20 minutes, the system provides bar coded primary tube sampling, reagent level sensing, and positive test cup ID.
Trinity Biotech
Trinity Biotech develops, acquires, manufactures, and markets products for the clinical laboratory and point-of-care segments of the diagnostic market. Trinity Biotech provides instrumentation and reagents for use in the hemostasis laboratory, infectious disease testing, HIV rapid testing, and for the early detection of diabetes. For more information, please visit us at

University of Michigan Medical School
Department of Pathology

Department of Pathology
The department Web site offers a pathology reference library, pathology resources, and publications.

US LABS is a recognized leader in providing Esoteric Oncology Reference Laboratory services that include: Morphologic Evaluation, Immunohistochemistry, Image Analysis, Flow Cytometry, Cytogenetics, FISH and Molecular Genetics. In addition, through industry leading web-based connectivity capabilities we further enhance partnering opportunities that provide patients the expertise and care they deserve.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in automated instruments and integrated reagent systems for histology and anatomic pathology laboratories. Ventana is the only manufacturer to offer fully automated protein and gene products for HER-2/neu (IHC and FISH). Ventana's portfolio includes IHC, in situ, FISH and Special Stains products on a wide range of instrument platforms (ES, TechMate, NexES IHC/Special Stains, BenchMark and Tissue Processors).
VISTA TECHNOLOGY INC - The ISOPLATER® is an "Automatic Petri Dish Streaking Machine". Loads, streaks and stacks 180 pre inoculated Petri dishes per hour. Automated spreading results in substantial savings. The ISOPLATER® increases productivity, improves isolation, standardizes streaking procedures and increases safety through HEPA filtered personnel protection. Over 1/4 Billion Petri dishes have been automatically processed by this equipment.
Wako Chemicals USA
Wako Diagnostics is a comprehensive manufacturer of Clinical Diagnostic reagents that are of the highest quality and extremely cost competitive. Our products are the result of over 75 years of dedication to the field of in vitro diagnostics.
Wescor, Inc. manufactures the Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis System, Macroduct Sweat Collection System and Sweat-Chek Sweat Conductivity Analyzer for cystic fibrosis sweat testing; Colloid Osmometer monitor for pulmonary edema and the Vapro vapor pressure osmometer for concentration measurements; Aerospray Hematology, Gram, Acid-Fast, Papanicolaou Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuges and the Cytopro Cytocentrifuge; Slidepro 15 Slide Dryer. See all of these products at
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