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March 2008
Feature Story

Q: We performed a complete blood cell count on an 83-year-old female hospital inpatient. The medical technologist noted some immature cells on the peripheral smear and sent it to the pathologist for interpretation. The pathologist reviewed the peripheral smear and issued a written interpretive report for the medical record. What CPT code should we use for this service?

A: Use CPT code 85060, Blood smear, peripheral, interpretation by physician with written report, for the service described.

Q: A physician requested, in writing, a consultation by the pathologist on the lab results for a 72-year-old male with an abnormal complete blood cell count. The pathologist reviewed the abnormal CBC, including a peripheral blood smear, and rendered a diag­nosis of microcytic hypo­chro­mic anemia, most likely due to iron deficiency. The pathologist recom­mend­ed initial followup testing, including reticulocyte count, serum iron, ferritin, and stool for occult blood. The pathologist rendered a written report of these findings for the medical record. What CPT code should we use for these services?

A: Use CPT code 80500, Clinical pathology consultation; limited, without review of patient's history and medical records. The code requires that the patient's physician request the consultation and document such in writing, the patient have an abnormal or unexpected lab result, the consultant make a medical judgment, and the consultation be written and incorporated into the medical record.

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