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August 2007
Feature Story

Anne Paxton

Professional component billing is endorsed by the College, American Pathology Foundation, and American Medical Association. CAP and AMA officials testified at the Palmetto trial that PC-CP services include the following:

arrow ensuring that tests, examinations, and procedures are properly performed, recorded, and reported;

arrow interacting with members of the medical staff about laboratory operations, quality, and test availability;

arrow designing protocols and establishing parameters for performances of clinical testing;

arrow recommending followup diagnostic tests, when appropriate;

arrow supervising laboratory technicians and advising technicians about aberrant results;

arrow selecting, evaluating, and validating test methods;

arrow directing, performing, and evaluating quality assurance and control procedures;

arrow evaluating clinical laboratory data and establishing a process for reviewing test results before patient reports are issued; and

arrow ensuring the hospital laboratory’s compliance with state licensure laws, Me icare conditions, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization standards, and the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and federal standards.

Anne Paxton is a writer in Seattle.


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